Lifeguard and Aquatic Jobs for Veterans Available on A Chance to Save Lives Again

Presscott, AZ (PRWEB) January 22, 2013

Seasonal employment for veterans, plus career and business opportunities are readily available in the aquatics and recreation industry.

The aquatic industry has numerous vertical markets to find employment. Municipalities hire seasonally or year-round based on their geographic region of the country. Some of these opportunities would be beach and lakefront lifeguards, municipal pool lifeguards, waterpark managers and aquatic directors. Non-profits such as YMCAs, JCCs and Boys and Girls Clubs also have numerous ongoing aquatic job opportunities.

Other vertical markets always hiring for aquatic positions are: colleges and universities, health clubs, aquatic centers, senior living facilities, master planned communities, hotels/resorts, destination spas, cruise ships and private golf clubs.

How does a veteran enter into the aquatic industry? First and foremost, one must be in good physical condition, love to swim and enjoy working with people. The great news is, for most aquatic jobs, candidates do not need a degree to be successful. A variety of certifications will suffice. The more certifications and experience one has, the more opportunities.

The American Red Cross is the place to begin for getting a lifeguard certification. By going to their website you will find numerous certifications to begin building a career in the aquatic industry. Throughout the country (Often seasonally) there are a variety of organizations that host and certify lifeguards for the American Red Cross.

After getting certified as a lifeguard, veterans may consider becoming a Red Cross Training Instructor. This could become a great first step to building an aquatic business. An independent contractor/sole proprietor could contract with many of the vertical markets listed above to certify lifeguards and earn an equitable profit margin. Alan Cohen, founder and president of The Career Collection says An entrepreneurial veteran could be in business for themselves in 12 months or less working in the aquatic industry.

An emerging market for the aquatic industry is teaching group water aerobics classes. This low-impact exercise is very popular with seniors as well as being an important part of physical therapy for certain injuries or rehab from surgery. This can be done as an independent contractor or as a payroll employee. To gain additional certifications as an aquatic instructor, veterans would want to obtain additional certifications. Aquatic certifying organizations such as the Aquatic Exercise Association offer numerous certifications for aquatic instructors.

Like most careers, one begins as an employee, but after gaining valuable experience can quickly transition into their own business. There are an infinite amount of possibilities to pursue in the aquatics and recreation industry.

For additional information on jobs in the aquatic industry visit Employers who mention Veterans Encouraged to Apply in their job postings will receive a 25% refund by calling 800-259-4397.

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Jobs efforts target returning Kentucky veterans
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Mitt Romney's pledge to add 12 million jobs to the economy over four years may sound like a very big number, especially coming out of a deep recession followed by three years of lackluster job growth. But some economists say it's realistic, and even if … Honors Veterans Day by Offering One-on-one Resume Help and Recommendations for Vets

Fairfax, Virginia (PRWEB) November 08, 2012 announces today that it will be, for a limited time, offering one-on-one resume reviews and recommendations for Veterans in honor of Veterans Day. On November 11-12, 2012, the first 100 Vets that sign up for an account at and create their resume will get a personal review and recommendations from the seasoned HR staff at the company. is typically a self-service site for Government contractors and ex-Federal workers, where they upload and maintain their resumes on their own. However the opportunity to help Veterans make their resumes more competitive and help them become more qualified for Government contracting jobs is a win-win situation, says Ginger Groeber, the founder and President of Veterans offer so much to our community. Their work experiences, ethics, and character are a real value, and its a shame to loose that to the private sector. Lets use that experience to make government programs even better. Veterans know how to get a job done!

How Do Veterans Qualify?

The process for Veterans to qualify for the resume review is simple they create an account at and fill out their full profile. Based on their work experience, it will be visible if they are a Veteran and the first 100 will be notified that their resume will be reviewed.

About started in February 2012, from a need the companys founder, Ginger Groeber, saw while transitioning from a successful DoD career to the private sector. She had trouble finding any existing tools for aligning public sector experience with private sector contracting opportunities. It was from this experience that was created, identifying the need for a new tool that more seamlessly melded to the two worlds; contractors who want to hire experienced government personnel and experienced government workers looking for opportunities in the contracting industry.

The website has two offerings job postings and a searchable database of applicant resumes. The database is targeted to those with current or previous Federal experience, most of whom have security clearances. Employers are able to search the database with very detailed filters to find candidates to fill open contracting positions, and are able to match up not only the Applicants background but their job preferences as well. Joining the Applicant Database is always free for Applicants, as searching for jobs should be.

Further Information

For further information about, costs, or collaborators, please contact Emily Coates at, at 703.626.4644, or visit our website at

Veterans Day 2012 Tribute – Over 1.3 Million Veterans Honored & Thanked at

Charleston, SC (PRWEB) November 7, 2012

special relationship between American soldiers serve side by side and are trained in the U.S. armed forces. These obligations are often against the ravages of time, precisely because of the unique circumstances and often difficult in which they have been trained in the army. An online community that has grown by about 1.3 million U.S. veterans, military family members and friends – created with this in mind, in 2000, a former U.S. military http://www. The mission of the site. To raise and support veterans and military offers services such as: research of more than 1.3 million members in touch with old friends and relatives to do so, compare prices between more than 10,000 military units, information on how get your own army or parent records and medals lost, veterans job boards, message boards, photos invite past and present military cadences research meetings and post military pride merchandise and more yet. Veterans across the country are invited to create a free profile at:

Veterans Day 2012 Celebration

Veterans Day approaches, reach out and ask all Americans to take a moment to respond to the bravery and sacrifice of all those who have served their country in time of need to think.

effort, a national day veterans parade / events directory, which can be accessed Visitors are invited to submit and register parades and community activities to promote the directory in support of veterans. All ads will be posted on over 300,000 unique visitors per month to see.

Veterans Day

forum was developed on the site approach to veterans and other interested parties to share ideas and knowledge related to Veterans Day or give a message of thanks to veterans.

through Veterans Day and the holidays are VetFriends take up to 60% discount on all Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard pride items for. support, and with the recognition of all veterans and men and women of military service In addition, visitors are invited to use the promo code V3 for an extra 15% on all American military hats, t-shirts , collectibles, stamps, stickers and many other items online pride. collection consists of thousands of images made in honor of the U.S. Army. Visitors can search for images by specific military branch, years, war, military unit, state and country. Each picture contains background information with a message and / or description. Images can be displayed in normal size or reinforced for greater proximity.

After the reunification of Vietnam with a buddy service through, veteran K. David Herbert wrote:

“A few months after the publication of my photo, I received an email saying that someone VetFriends trying to contact me. It turned out that the photographer of my picture and be a friend … We have been exchanging emails and even some pictures of his own VetFriends added too … It was fantastic to hear him. VetFriends Thank you. “

this year, with the approach of Veterans Day, are feelings of gratitude and respect, fill the hearts of the American people, the community gathers to celebrate, support and show their appreciation to U.S. veterans soldiers and military assets as well.

founded in 2000 by American veterans, thousands of people were back by that. since the Second World War in Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm and the present a. A current membership of more than 1.3 million people with 300,000 visitors per month on the site Please visit for more information.

Media Note: For veterans successful reunion stories, photos and interview opportunities please contact Maynard Anderson 843-352-4926 or e-mail


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