EDB Media Launches Anger Management Digital Solutions

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New York, NY (PRWEB) October 18, 2012

EDB Media Inc., a leader in the online self-improvement industry, announces the launch of anger Digital Management Solutions (AMDS), a holistic approach managing anger digital, including personnel supply line path Eanger control program management and personal applications power path of anger for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android phone and tablet.

EDB Media, Inc., the electric Path.com Personal anger management program developed in response to the growing number of people with anger problems. Its estimates nearly 16 million Americans suffer from anger. According to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), anger is one of the most common negative behaviors are found in all areas. If it is not treated, anger issues out of control can destroy a relationship and allow participants to change without hope.

Anger Management Solutions Digital

participants can view how-to videos for anger management to manage daily reminders motivation to monitor progress in a journal and receive 24/7 support program. Programs are available separately.

For more information on applications Personal Power PATH program, visit https://www.personalpowerpath.com/angermanagement/app/Index.cfm?.

About EDB Media, Inc.:

EDB Media, Inc. is a pioneer in the online self-improvement industry offers digital programs target anger issues, weight loss, career change and overspending. For more information visit http://www.personalpowerpath.com.

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Esignature Solutions – Theres an App for That

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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 6, 2012

When it comes to electronic signatures, theres an app for that, thank you Sertifi, one of the leading electronic signature and Web-contracting solutions.

The company publishes

Sertifi Signer, a free iPad application, January 1. It is available for download on the iTunes Store.

app is for these documents must be signed, and it allows them to do so through their fingers. It eliminates the need for paper documents, faxes and mail processing contracts and other documents, said John Stojka Sertifis co-founder.

with technology being what it is today, theres no reason why we can not ax the fax for good, said Stojka. The ability to write something with computers was a big step towards progress, and put that same capacity on a mobile tablet is the next logical step.

place an electronic signature on a tablet solution creates freedom and mobility for users, thanks in part to the iPad size.

Imagine the convenience of signing documents on an airplane or walking into a client company and transfer your iPhone, you’re about to record their signatures, he said. This is what makes this application possible. You never have to print, scan and fax documents again.

Main features include


It’s free and downloadable from iTunes.

It works with PDF files and allows users to add their documents to text if necessary.

It works with IOS 4.3 or higher.

Its easy to use. Signing documents anywhere, anytime.


want to know more about Sertifi and digital signature solutions, call 1-866-983-8877 or visit: http://www.sertifi.com.



Based in Chicago, Illinois, offers improved Sertifi key digital signature solutions and Web-contracting, sales organizations for the exchange of purchase contracts with customers and partners. Sertifi is the most reliable supplier in the industry, and E-Sign has processed millions of electronic signature arrangements and events.

Sertifi provides industry-leading web service API that allows eSignature integration into existing systems, or pre-built connectors to platforms such as leading Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Sertifi Software-as-a-service technology is used by large companies such as CareerBuilder, Microsoft, Pitney Bowes and the U.S. Air Force. http://www.sertifi.com

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Constellation HomeBuilder Systems Unveils New Solutions at the 2012 NAHB International Builders Show

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Markham, ON (PRWEB) February 2, 2012

Constellation Homebuilder Systems, the leading and most trusted residential construction software solutions, today announced new solutions to the NAHB International Builders Show in November 2012 to February 8 in Orlando, Florida.

constellations software solutions were developed specifically for customers in their business processes and costs associated with information technology solutions most advanced integrated software that meets their business processes to operate more efficiently , communicate effectively and to build more houses while using fewer resources and costs. Whether you’re a smaller custom builder or building thousands of homes each year are offering a full range of Constellation Software solutions and continues to hold a long-standing commitment to the construction industry to demonstrate.

Constellation will be on hand to provide one-on-one demonstrations, visit our stand at the W4783.

Request a free exhibition pass – http://www.BuildersShow.com/ConstellationHomeBuilderSystem

sites and online marketing

sites and lead management processes are essential components of customer revenue. Constellation is a simple solution can be combined to help the web site and online lead management system, developers present their professional activities, and ensure that all leads are followed and made to manage the consequences. PIONEER with websites, Constellation will offer SEO training, you get higher rankings in popular search engines and convert more leads to appointments and sales agent.

marketing and CRM solutions

If a prospective buyer visits their contact information on your site or sales office, all sales of Constellation and CRM solutions are designed to help you maximize a buyer in this perspective, sales of upgrade, complete range of production contracts and with fewer errors. By integrating automatic website, all information collected and views in your sales system for fast tracking and ensuring that no lead is lost.

Accounting and Production Solutions


offers a complete range of building solutions to improve the budgeting process, purchasing, accounting, service payroll accounting, construction management, and client. With a system everyone can access the same data and business owners spend less time, reports spreadsheet updated to improve the quality of information available when crucial decisions.

workflow and document management services

real-time alerts and notifications, everyone knows what is going on and monitor business processes established in order to react in time. Externally, the builders of workflow systems, the new home buyers with information and comfort they need during the entire construction cycle and also offer. Constellations of document management solutions offer features to easily secure and release of information to back-office and mobile workers.

scheduling domain

and mobile devices

superintendents and project managers need information on the work, to maintain margins, reduce errors and avoid delays. IPad with constellations or integration iPhone, Android, Blackberry and scheduling solutions portable, field workers full access to company information, schedules, orders, service requests, site plans, the seller and the task information and request for exemption, without making a phone call.

Supplier Portal and Collaboration

To purchase constellations

is safe, provides operators of web portal and crafts vendors with real-time access to employment, construction programs and payment information to reduce calls and costly mistakes. With statements from vendors portal suppliers and contractors are able to get the information they need at any time.

warranty and customer service

portals Constellation home buyer’s guide and warranty online, you can provide home buyers with information on their home during the construction phase and beyond. You can follow any notifications and warrant that you have a package of legal and regulatory purposes. With Constellation, management solutions customers experience, the owners are questions online, paperless was filed, and shall, without having to re-enter information. This saves time, reduces errors and creates satisfied customers who will generate referrals.

About Constellation Homebuilder Systems

As the largest software companies in

construction industry, helped run systems builders Constellation over 2,800 builders manage their IT costs with an integrated software solutions for their housing Web sites of companies that guarantee. Planning services to owners, we have software for land, new home sales and marketing software, production, purchasing, scheduling, accounting, warranty, proprietary electronic manuals, vendor portal solutions and site solutions designed exclusively for the housing industry. Constellations products includes HomeDev Pro, Pro Soft build, builder 360, Constellation Web Solutions, FAST, NewStar, and Sales1440 BuildTopia.

Constellation Homebuilder Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), the leading global provider of market leading software and services, and is a publicly traded company.

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