Shane Watson's shift to No. 3 will be one of the biggest challenges of his

Shane Watson passage 3 is one of the biggest challenges of his
Watson was started this week with the efficient selection in the Test team South Africa and Australia Sheffield Shield appearance of NSW taken against Queensland from Friday. From there, Sri Lanka and India expect from the perspective …
Irfan Pathan is 28 moves in a critical phase of his career
While Pathan continues to prevail in the format of one-day career test does not seem to have found a way. First, the other bowlers are looking far ahead of him in the hierarchy for test cricket and India’s pace, to support …
one on one career ended
Meckiff is now 77 and 49 years have passed since one of the most controversial episodes of cricket, that a career of 18 trials ended in humiliating and slip space on one expired. Meckiff not have all the answers to why …

Newest Beverly Flaxington Book, Make Your SHIFT, Launches This Week

Washington, DC (PRWEB) January 18, 2012

Several of America’s most well-known financial experts, personal success coaches, health counselors, leadership teachers, relationship builders and business leaders are offering free copies of their books, learning materials, and even one-on-one consultation, to those who purchase Flaxington’s new book on January 17th. For a complete list of the free bonus gifts and more information, visit the book’s website,

Make Your SHIFT is a personal-growth companion to her recent book for corporate audiences, Make the SHIFT: The Proven Five-Step Plan to Success for Corporate Teams. Both books focus on revealing the one element that is missing from many goal-setting and goal-achievement programs and systems.

As Flaxington writes in the introduction to Make Your SHIFT, “Instead of helping you understand your own nature and how you can work with it to create positive changes in your life, most books gloss over the importance of you altogether. They offer a step-by-step approach, or a set of instructions, or a deep theoretical perspec

Beverly Flaxingtons Best Selling Book, Make Your SHIFT, Launches This Week

(Press box) January 21, 2012

Some famous financial experts from America, personal success coach, health counselor, teacher orientation, relationship building owners and contractors who provide free copies of their books, learning materials, and even one-on-one advice for those who are the new Book of Flaxington 17 To purchase in January. For a complete list of free bonus gifts and more information, please visit the website of the book,

Make your

Shift is a personal guide to growing their recently published for public business, turn the corner: Proven five-step plan for success for the company’s teams. Both books are on the next item, which consists of the objective of many programs embodiment objectives and systems.

does not focus

Flaxington writes in the introduction to your shift, “Rather than help you understand your own nature, and how you can work with them to create positive change in your life, most books on importance of you very nice. speak to provide a step by step approach, or a set of instructions or TIVE theoretically profound, but they do not address that retains most of us -. our own nature ”

Flaxington structured Make your SHIFT must be understood in two sections easy and simple to use. Part I describes the details of the five-step process, SHIFT, and how to apply them in practice. Part II is a more relaxed way to complement the changes to Part I of many methods, tools and advice that will make your transition will be more productive.

“If you buy only one self-help book or a company of year, be it,” says Jackie Black, Ph.D. author of the book and meet your match: Cracking the code to successful relationships and Couples and money. Cracking the code to end the marriage in 1Conflict #

Make your

SHIFT means Advance Purchase now on For more information, visit the book Critical for copies and requests for media interviews, please contact Allen Media Strategies at Rebecca Fuentes (703) 589-8960 or Rebecca (at) allenmediastrategies (dot) com.

Beverly Flaxington is a New England coaching staff and professional, trainer and expert in corporate business development and co-founder of the Collaborative Research Center, a sales and marketing consulting. Ms. Flaxington holds a BSBA and an MBA from Suffolk University and is associate professor at the school. Beverly is certified in human behavior and professional values. It’s about understanding the author of another, make the change and make your shift, and co-authored several other books.

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