Goalee Overhauls Networking, Recommends Connections Based on Goals and Shared Interests from LinkedIn and Facebook Profiles

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) June 25, 2012

Today Goalee launched the beta of its online people discovery tool, connecting people based on their personal and professional goals to create networking opportunities. Goalee searches users Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to determine appropriate matches based on shared interests and professional history, providing a more effective way to expand ones network and achieve set goals. Goalee then guides the outreach process so users have a better idea of what to say when contacting someone they dont already know. Users can correspond within Goalee, or add other users to their Facebook and LinkedIn networks directly through Goalee, relying on the points of similarity as a basis for better outreach and relationship building.

An open platform that anyone can join, Goalee users create networking goals using free-form language. Goals can be specific or general. For example, a user can type, I want to join an after-work lacrosse league made up of people in the finance industry, or Im looking for an analyst position at a specific company. A robust recommendation engine, Goalee suggests relevant matches by leveraging Facebook and LinkedIn user data and ranks the matches based on personal commonalities between the users. The web app then generates an introductory email that includes the reasons for connecting. Goalee can also be used to re-engage with existing contacts based on new goals and shared interests.

We believe the old adage its who you know is as valid as ever. Goalee provides a more effective way to discover and connect with people you never knew you needed to know. A cross between LinkedIn and eHarmony, we match people to people not to friends of friends, job openings or similar resumes, said James Brown, co-founder of Goalee. A lot of us dont know whom to contact when networking or what to say when approaching someone cold whether its for social or professional reasons. Goalee acts as a networking coach; it not only suggests new connections in order to achieve your goals, but also helps you know what to say when you reach out to those people.

“Targeted introductions are the next step in the evolution of online networking, which makes Goalees offering compelling. Its technology uniquely incorporates natural language functionality to improve the process social and professional matchmaking and initiates mutually beneficial connections,” said Matthew Greenfield, partner at StoneWork Capital and early investor in Goalee.”

Users registering at Goalee.com by July 31, 2012 will receive access to the premium service for one year at no cost. After the introductory offer, new users will have basic access to the Goalee service for free and premium access for $ 7.50 per year. Goalee is partnering with universities across the U.S. to provide their business school students and alumni with unlimited premium access to Goalee.

An overview of Goalee can be viewed at http://vimeo.com/41310287. Start using Goalee at http://www.goalee.com.

About Goalee

Goalee connects people based on personal and professional goals to create networking opportunities. Users enter goals in free-form language no drop-down boxes or limiting categories to check off and Goalees patent-pending discovery tool matches people based not only on those goals, but also how similar the users are in terms of shared interests by comparing data from their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Once a match is suggested, Goalee turns the cold-call into a warm connection by generating a dynamic email that includes information on how the individuals are related to each other and why they should connect. Communication can take place within Goalee, or users can expand their networks on Facebook or LinkedIn by adding other users to their network directly from Goalee. Users can also revive relationships within their existing networks based on updated or new interests and goals. Unlike other networking platforms that simply unite friends of friends, Goalee helps users grow their network organically by recommending new connections on a deeper level. To try Goalee, visit http://www.goalee.com.