ATMOS Global Launches First-of-Its-Kind DustPack : Evidence-Based Dust Management Service Structure for any Mine, Anywhere, Anytime

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Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) September 4, 2012

ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd Elite modeling of the atmosphere and air quality forecasts and climate change research consultants) is launching a first of its kind, combining Management of the worlds first dust processing in multi-system technologies assimilated companys new line-up services structure, intuitively called Dustpack: Evidence-Based Structure dust management services (ATMOS-5D + + + DustAlert and balance risk DustFinder +).


offers more than 25,000 at the site of the predicted dust each year (available 24/7 by the Global Centre for ATMOS global dust load forecasting site specific management and control) and supports new ATMOS Globals VerifiedDust global initiative, a journey of 1,000 mines. mine in both the search and discovery of environmental excellence, inspired by its Vision 2020

It has a wide recognition of the importance of access to the practice of evidence-based knowledge and information that will improve the ability of mining companies to develop new or improve those management plans exist to dust their measures focused on global and regional growth.

Dr Orestis Valianatos President and Global CEO of ATMOS Global, said that the measure, for example, in addition to the obvious benefits to enjoy Dustpack stands with the card, and to coordinate the use of their resources dust management, cost of water, energy and labor costs in the use of trucks to control dust associated, but also reduce overhead haul road maintenance, downtime for repairs and fuel trucks, and increase productivity by extending the life of tires all essential elements of the efficiency equation for mining. We did not invent the forecast, we invented forecasts dust success.

required by the complexity of mining operations ATMOS Dustpack world in three new high-tech options: gold, silver and bronze. Dustpack and our air quality “and the Academy of climate change to” better life for the people and strengthening employment and human motor says Dr. Valianatos.


Dustpack World (Gold) package has been nominated for a mining project as a finalist (with ATMOS Global) for one of the most prestigious awards for outstanding environmental protection in Australia.

ATMOS uses global green energy sources GreenPower accredited by offsetting 100% of carbon dioxide emissions associated with energy consumption.

potential customers with the mining company active, learn more about the new Globals ATMOS Dustpack are interested: Evidence-Based dust structure management service or a purchase order are invited to contact the air quality of our friendly and ATMOS Global Ambassador for Climate Change for more information and a confidential telephone counseling by visiting our new website.

Notes to Editors

Dr Orestis Valianatos is the president and CEO of World ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd). He has extensive experience and a global perspective influential in the fields of atmospheric science and forecasting air quality (model / system developers and users), education and strategic business objectives consulting services . Contractors and agents of change, he wrote more than 50 revolutionary air quality scientific publications (published internationally). In 1999, initiated by Dr. Valianatos promote a successful journey continues, pioneer and support the use of dispersion modeling recent 3D numerical weather prediction and air quality concepts and forecasting techniques for understanding day and the management of complex air quality in mining, manufacturing energy industries.

ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd) is a wholly owned Australian consulting firm that specializes in global forecasts of dust advanced management and dust control dust. The Company has built a strong brand identity to work with a wide range of companies in a wide range of industries to accurately assess complex air quality risks associated with their activities are connected, increase efficiency recommended measures to mitigate risks and improve the environment of their strategy and communication. ATMOS world will be modeling the air quality forecasting and industrys leading innovator in the world. ATMOS engagement worldwide pioneer in the measurement of its heritage, core values ​​and its global ambitions is driven.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Orestis Valianatos

Global President and CEO

ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd)

Phone: +61-1300-69-28667 (+61-1300- MY-ATMOS)

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Chicago Movers Receive Award for Exemplary Service

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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 2, 2012

Chicago Moving Company USA Honored Moving and Storage, Inc. recently to service providers through the online review site Angie List for outstanding service to customer. Each year selects companies that have always highly rated services provided, published by the reviews on the website real Angie List. This is the ninth consecutive year, the United States Moving and Storage has won the prestigious Angie’s List Super Service.

“Only a fraction of the companies on Angie’s list in the case file of sterling service, the Super Service Award winners hold because we have a set bar high, says founder Angie Hicks Angie List. The fact that the U.S. can request moving and storage, a super price for service speaks volumes about its commitment to the consumer.

U.S. Moving

storage was awarded the Super Service in a myriad of Chicago movers and storage companies. Jerry Z., longtime director of the Chicago Moving Company, said: .. “We are honored to be recognized by our customers and the list of Angie is one hundred percent satisfaction is our goal that price is always more difficult to push us to repeat these words in the other. year we will, as always, work hard until the year 2012 to ensure that we remain the engine up in Chicago.

Last year, mobile

U.S. and storage on improving an image worked flawlessly. With a few updates to web design and adding pages with tips for mobile clients in Chicago, the company has also reviewed and increases the size of its fleet of trucks.

“We like to be recognized for our excellent service, why were in his company. That is, we want to create brand awareness, says Jerry on the new image. new customers often call us after seeing us move their neighbors, assuming they see the bright red shirts, they remember nice truck with a coat of fresh paint, and they remember the care of our boys at work .

, fresh paint, not just a facade, it’s Jerry. As we expand our only goal is to continue to ensure that involves a moving experience for USA Moving and Storage, the mover best equipment at the highest level, competitive prices and satisfied customers. We encourage everyone to travel to some of the critical local Chicago movers. As noted by many reviews, our commitment to service is undeniable.

Angie List Super

winners of this award have strict admission requirements, including earning a minimum number of reports, an exemplary rating from their customers and meet compliance with operational guidelines Angie List. The ratings are updated daily on Angie’s List, but members can find the 2011 Super Service Award logo next to company names in search results and


USA Moving and Storage, Inc.

USA Moving and Storage provides full service residential moving packing to loading for transport and storage of your household. Travel desk are also available. In addition to use the experience as a professional piano in Chicago, they specialize in packing and moving unusual objects such as art or antiques. Heavy glass plates on antique clocks, and visual arts, provides mobile in the U.S. and storage at competitive prices for any major initiative. Your moving and relocation specialists explain all phases of your move.

licensed professional, insured and bonded. USA Moving and Storage meets all requirements of the Illinois Commerce Commission standards specified for the insurance, handling, loading, moving and deleting properties. They are a five-time winner of the Better Business Bureau Award complaint free and also holds an A + rating from the desktop. 2012 – United States Moving and Storage in the conversation of the City award for three consecutive years, was awarded the 2010th These awards are in addition to many 5 star reviews on a number of review sites user-oriented like Yelp, and Google Local

To organize

For more information, free quote in motion Chicago or a free estimate on the move, contact a representative of USA Moving and Storage. The toll free number is 1-800-626-4474.

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HostFiniti Announces “AboutMe” Service to Help Job Seekers

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New York / Stratford, NC (PRWEB) January 17, 2012

AboutMe offers a free domain name ( for a personal website, web hosting, tools, construction site Free Web, thousands of design templates and using a professional web designer for only $ 19.99 per year.

HostFiniti After Sales Manager, In Chen, “hiring managers see dozens of applications every day people in the hope of an interview and get a job. But now it ‘ is the world of online job, the paper is still a bit tired. We believe we can help job seekers get an excellent view on the line with a professional, personal website, which they can publish their CV and samples of their work, details of the type of projects they have worked, references from supervisors and managers sand other material, each person feels they will help in their job search. AboutMe makes job seekers more visible on the Internet, and improves their chances of getting the job they seek. ”

Unlike social networking sites, forcing people to adapt their information in a predefined format, services HostFiniti aboutme allowsin encouragesjob fact hunters, their education and career in a creative, open-style showcase. With free website creation with the help of a professional web designer, each person on their website and running in one day or less. The free domain names. Com,. Net or. Information to be, and is registered for one year.

The company also offers a robust suite of hosting services for small businesses. This is especially …

? Registration of domain names
? Web Hosting
? SSL Certificates
? Free Professional Web Design
? Secure backup service
? Optional guide to advertising clients, including advice on where to advertise specific products and customer services, and contribute to advertising campaigns online.
? 24×7 free technical support via SMS, email, phone and chat.
? Surveillance camera for retailers and other businesses bricks and mortar, HostFiniti securely connects a customer web cam provided by the customer on the site, so that the owner of a continuous survey in the daily work instead business.
About HostFiniti

HostFiniti provided web services for small business clients worldwide since 2007. The company distinguishes itself by offering the benefits of partnership in real time to its customers, including free web design services, free technical support and help free advertising. The company provides the site and cPanel software configuration management, and operation of Intel Xeon processors with RAID 5 and redundant backup storage. HostFiniti ensures availability of 100 percent ALS. For more information:

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CDI College Launches Optimal Resume Service

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) February 2, 2012

CDI College is optimal for use with HP, a service online resume building, free for students and graduates as well. From 1 February 2012, students will be able to make the service easily customize and distribute is taken, and creating interactive websites, resumes may be shared with potential employers may be used.


optimal CV, students and alumni have access to submit a user friendly tool that allows you to connect and create, manage and share their professional qualifications from almost anywhere. With step by step instructions, examples and intuitive, the user will be able to build an unlimited number of documents and careers of all managed from a central location.

The service also includes career exploration tools, action words, automatic spell checking, and a number of style options that allow users to build any resume with the best presentation possible. The service also allows users to easily share their credentials on Twitter and LinkedIn.

This tool allows easier for our students and alumni to build a professional resume for research in less time, said Dean Tremain, national director of guidance at CDI College. It also allows them to social media and online presentations, use on a broader basis for the employer. Marketing


suggests that the new service also demonstrates the continued commitment of CDI complete success, especially at a time when recruitment efforts are constantly being developed.

We will continue in the future success of our graduates by giving them access to a program it is preparing for the workforce of today to invest, he added.

Service Resume Builder is now available through Career Services and is free to all students currently enrolled at CDI College and alumni across the country. To learn more about IDC Career Services College, visit You can also update with the college on Facebook and Twitter.

About CDI College


, Canadas leader in professional training, has been helping students achieve their career goals and aspirations for over 40 years. With over 25 campuses across Canada, CDI College offers over 50 graduate programs in the industry-influenced areas of the economy, art and design, legal, education in early childhood, Technology and Health. CDI College practical, hands on learning experiences that prepare students for the workforce with the skills they need to give in order to be successful.

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