HostFiniti Announces “AboutMe” Service to Help Job Seekers

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New York / Stratford, NC (PRWEB) January 17, 2012

AboutMe offers a free domain name ( for a personal website, web hosting, tools, construction site Free Web, thousands of design templates and using a professional web designer for only $ 19.99 per year.

HostFiniti After Sales Manager, In Chen, “hiring managers see dozens of applications every day people in the hope of an interview and get a job. But now it ‘ is the world of online job, the paper is still a bit tired. We believe we can help job seekers get an excellent view on the line with a professional, personal website, which they can publish their CV and samples of their work, details of the type of projects they have worked, references from supervisors and managers sand other material, each person feels they will help in their job search. AboutMe makes job seekers more visible on the Internet, and improves their chances of getting the job they seek. ”

Unlike social networking sites, forcing people to adapt their information in a predefined format, services HostFiniti aboutme allowsin encouragesjob fact hunters, their education and career in a creative, open-style showcase. With free website creation with the help of a professional web designer, each person on their website and running in one day or less. The free domain names. Com,. Net or. Information to be, and is registered for one year.

The company also offers a robust suite of hosting services for small businesses. This is especially …

? Registration of domain names
? Web Hosting
? SSL Certificates
? Free Professional Web Design
? Secure backup service
? Optional guide to advertising clients, including advice on where to advertise specific products and customer services, and contribute to advertising campaigns online.
? 24×7 free technical support via SMS, email, phone and chat.
? Surveillance camera for retailers and other businesses bricks and mortar, HostFiniti securely connects a customer web cam provided by the customer on the site, so that the owner of a continuous survey in the daily work instead business.
About HostFiniti

HostFiniti provided web services for small business clients worldwide since 2007. The company distinguishes itself by offering the benefits of partnership in real time to its customers, including free web design services, free technical support and help free advertising. The company provides the site and cPanel software configuration management, and operation of Intel Xeon processors with RAID 5 and redundant backup storage. HostFiniti ensures availability of 100 percent ALS. For more information:

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My College and Careers Assists Both Education and Job Seekers to Qualify for the 243K Jobs Created in January

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Provo, UT (PRWEB) February 7, 2012

The U.S. Labour Department reported that February 3rd January, 243,000 jobs were created. In addition, there was a decrease of 0.2 percent in the unemployment rate since December. The economy is looking on the mend and businesses to hire qualified individuals. Can be found at my college and career, can be used as an online resource for those who qualify for employment, help individuals accredited online colleges, through which they acquire a degree and qualify for higher salaries rates and better benefits.

The private sector reported an increase in employment in all areas, in areas such as business services and business, leisure and hospitality, and manufacturing have. Government employment was little change in the past month. As data begins to show which sectors lead to successful careers, people who qualify for the job will be able to find a home are, where they acquire a university degree. Tools on Colleges and Careers My website is designed for people moving in the direction of online degrees that are of interest both for them and will eventually turn into a career development success. For example, if a person wanted a successful career in business services to find, they can support their training and a last look at an MBA program online. If you for a career where they can seek to interact with other nursing programs online could be a better fit.

Whatever type of industry or career, people are looking, offers colleges and tools My Careers Web site to help them achieve their goal. Some of these tools include a list of online schools and degrees of their offerings, graphics information, all relevant news, blog training, and CE r PI resistance:? The search link level that students with the best online school for their area. Those who make their careers better able to make informed decisions and prepare for a college degree by the use of Colleges and Careers My website to win. Earn a college degree in one of the best schools online is a great opportunity for everyone at all economic levels to improve their quality of life. Created with the economy on the mend and more jobs each month, a form will be crucial in finding a rewarding career.

About My college

My college career is

and to help students and prospective students to earn a college degree through online courses dedicated. Considering that most students have other responsibilities and obligations, my colleagues and career can be an excellent resource for those who are a means to adapt to school in an already busy schedule. With the help of online programs, students can complete their education at their own pace. Tools and services offered on the My Colleges and Careers website has helped many students to graduate and begin a successful career.

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