KV Racing slashes jobs, loses GM after poor IndyCar season

KV Racing bars jobs , after GM loses IndyCar bad season
Tony Kanaan’s KV Racing driver will be signed after the sad years of Barrichello, Viso, GM Mark Johnson is thought to be headed Dragon Racing; With IndyCar not announced its 2013 schedule until Sunday, jobs remain uncertain …
Steve Jobs over the years
Apple Computer Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs, right, then-CEO Gil Amelio smile during a press conference announcing the 1996 purchase of NeXT Software Apple, bringing Jobs back into the Apple family. Paul Sakuma, AP. Article about …
U.S. jobs Report ages presidential campaign
Romney was in the state of Pennsylvania political battlefield Friday … that new campaigns that work revised figures show that over 13 million workers are unemployed, U.S. employers added nearly 400,000 jobs over the 12 months