Veterans Day 2012 Tribute – Over 1.3 Million Veterans Honored & Thanked at

Charleston, SC (PRWEB) November 7, 2012

special relationship between American soldiers serve side by side and are trained in the U.S. armed forces. These obligations are often against the ravages of time, precisely because of the unique circumstances and often difficult in which they have been trained in the army. An online community that has grown by about 1.3 million U.S. veterans, military family members and friends – created with this in mind, in 2000, a former U.S. military http://www. The mission of the site. To raise and support veterans and military offers services such as: research of more than 1.3 million members in touch with old friends and relatives to do so, compare prices between more than 10,000 military units, information on how get your own army or parent records and medals lost, veterans job boards, message boards, photos invite past and present military cadences research meetings and post military pride merchandise and more yet. Veterans across the country are invited to create a free profile at:

Veterans Day 2012 Celebration

Veterans Day approaches, reach out and ask all Americans to take a moment to respond to the bravery and sacrifice of all those who have served their country in time of need to think.

effort, a national day veterans parade / events directory, which can be accessed Visitors are invited to submit and register parades and community activities to promote the directory in support of veterans. All ads will be posted on over 300,000 unique visitors per month to see.

Veterans Day

forum was developed on the site approach to veterans and other interested parties to share ideas and knowledge related to Veterans Day or give a message of thanks to veterans.

through Veterans Day and the holidays are VetFriends take up to 60% discount on all Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard pride items for. support, and with the recognition of all veterans and men and women of military service In addition, visitors are invited to use the promo code V3 for an extra 15% on all American military hats, t-shirts , collectibles, stamps, stickers and many other items online pride. collection consists of thousands of images made in honor of the U.S. Army. Visitors can search for images by specific military branch, years, war, military unit, state and country. Each picture contains background information with a message and / or description. Images can be displayed in normal size or reinforced for greater proximity.

After the reunification of Vietnam with a buddy service through, veteran K. David Herbert wrote:

“A few months after the publication of my photo, I received an email saying that someone VetFriends trying to contact me. It turned out that the photographer of my picture and be a friend … We have been exchanging emails and even some pictures of his own VetFriends added too … It was fantastic to hear him. VetFriends Thank you. “

this year, with the approach of Veterans Day, are feelings of gratitude and respect, fill the hearts of the American people, the community gathers to celebrate, support and show their appreciation to U.S. veterans soldiers and military assets as well.

founded in 2000 by American veterans, thousands of people were back by that. since the Second World War in Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm and the present a. A current membership of more than 1.3 million people with 300,000 visitors per month on the site Please visit for more information.

Media Note: For veterans successful reunion stories, photos and interview opportunities please contact Maynard Anderson 843-352-4926 or e-mail


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Perfect for College Students, Angels of Mercy Foundation Launches New Directory of Over 670 Work-from-Home Opportunities

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 03, 2012

Angels of Mercy Foundation has developed and made available a new directory of over 670 firms who have work-from-home opportunities available. These opportunities are perfect for college students or anyone at least 18-years-old in need of additional income. The data has been fully researched and includes links for immediate access. A bonus 17 page paid survey work directory is also included. Daily income is guaranteed if the individual is willing to work from their personal computer on a regular basis.

The work-from-home firms are in need of survey takers, mystery shoppers, data entry clerks, email processors, information research clerks and more. The bonus survey work directory includes hundreds of survey companies willing to pay people immediately after they complete surveys online. The directory costs $ 25.00 via PayPal to access, and will be sent to the email address used for the PayPal payment.

Interested parties need to have a computer with internet access, a printer, a telephone and a prepaid debit card that accepts direct deposits. For more information about acquiring a prepaid debit card with free immediate activation, click here. This prepaid debit card program will issue the users direct deposit banking information immediately. Users will be able to write online checks through the program and they will receive the prepaid debit card in 5-7 days.

About Angels of Mercy Foundation:

Angels of Mercy Foundation specializes in helping people in every area of their lives. Right now, they are dedicated to helping those individuals who have been out of work for several months and students, housewives, etc., who need supplemental income. Their market research has enabled them to develop these new directories. They have researched hundreds of companies around the world that spend huge amounts of money trying to understand how people think and show, why they buy certain products, etc. This acquired information helps these companies improve their products and services.

In addition, the foundations research enables interested individuals to be an integral part of this process by getting paid for their valuable time and opinions while they search for their dream job. The foundation suggests individuals print a copy of the completed work, like a survey, for each company worked for to be placed in a file for each individual company involved. All phone calls should be documented, along with the agents name. Records should also be kept of all expected monies from each company.

Media Contact:

Debby Jupiter

National Marketing Director



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