School Improvement Networks Interactive LiveBook 360 Named by Tech & Learning Magazine One of Educations Most Outstanding Technology Products

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Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) November 14, 2012

School Improvement Network technology rich LiveBook 360 was among the best in educational technology products named by a panel of more than 30 educators Tech & Learning. The Panel has reviewed more than 160 entries and book called Live 360, a dynamic, highly interactive replacement for the ebook is a high-quality, high-impact resources.

LiveBook 360 is much more than a static, unchanging ebook said school improvement network President and CEO Chet Linton. Technology is highly interactive and connects educators on the text, the author and other readers in a way never before possible. It is an important tool for the construction of new classrooms and teachers. Through cooperation and will really help teachers learn what they need in their work to prepare all students for college and career knowledge

school improvement Networks LiveBook 360 creates a dynamic experience. user of an interactive community rather than just a book side buttons and tabs allow readers videos inserted in the text of the author, spreadsheets and documents in other applications, video clips or download a document their work in the context of your personal goals for professional development or even to discuss the text with other readers and the author of Real Time so that the technology and experience more demanding than the standard ebook.

Schools must do more with less, buy the right solution for your needs district is more important than ever, said Kevin Hogan, editorial director for NewBay Media Tech & Learning Group in a press release on Book Live 360 ​​and another excellence award winner technology. Tech & Learning is proud to present these recommended products that have been tested by our experienced teaching team of judges thought.

judges comments and descriptions of what they liked about the book live interactive 360 ​​and the technology that goes beyond a simple ebook in December 2012 issue of Tech & Learning is available.

Click here to learn more about Heidi Hayes Jacobs book, mapping the heart of the implementation of the common core of the platform LiveBook 360.

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School Improvement Network other award-winning products and technologies.

About School Improvement Network

Founded in 1991, explored by teachers, the School Improvement Network for decades and documented best practices in education. From this network to improve research School has developed an integrated system for the effectiveness of the teacher. Companys describes a system step by step method for teaching practice and educators arm with a range of powerful tools and technology products that are used to perform each step to improve. Research shows that districts and schools the tools to produce improved school systems integrated suite of tools, best teachers, and as a result experience dramatic increases in student achievement reader the scores of students from more than 30 percent in a single year. Network of school improvement works with thousands of schools and districts in every state and around the world and has visited over 3,500 classrooms to document best practices in action. For more

School Improvement Network

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Thomas Edward and Lauren Chapman Named as Curators for the Academic Ledger

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 02, 2012

The staff of the Academic Ledger, an innovative content curation website, would like to announce two new additions. Writers Thomas Edward and Lauren Chapman have been brought on as the Ledgers newest editorial curators, who provide the invaluable service of selecting the sites content and editorial direction.

Thomas Edward graduated from New York University with a Masters degree in American literature and has been published in literary journals as well as creative writing magazines. Lauren Chapman has an educational background in the sciences, with a Masters of Science in cellular biology. She is currently applying for PhD programs.

The Academic Ledger features hand selected articles from some of the best academic writers working today. Their content is delivered from premium sources like scholastic journals, news, and blogs. The Ledgers team of editors works to collect the most readable and informative content to build the site around great stories from a variety of topics. The Academic Ledgers curators select captivating stories from fields such as economics, culture, technology, business, science, and more. Content is educational, entertaining, and always hand selected.

The site also functions as a platform for writers, enabling them to connect directly with their audience and be published among the best current authors in journalism. It is the job of curators like Edward and Chapman to search for original authors who are doing great work in their research fields and highlight their contributions on the Academic Ledger.

About the Academic Ledger

The Academic Ledger is an information and news aggregator site created to collect and share the best current writing on science, economics, business, and more. The sites curators deliver articles from across the web that expand the horizons of academic discourse and provide engrossing reading for both casual readers and serious academics. Visit the Academic Ledger at


Messaging Architects Named One of Montreal’s Top Employers for 2012

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Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) February 1, 2012

Messaging Architects builder of the Global Business Driven Email, today announced his appointment to one of the best employers in Montreal in 2012 by the editors of top 100 employers Canada.

“We have just over a year, a phenomenal growth of Messaging Architects done,” said Frederic Bourget, CEO of Messaging Architects. “This award is particularly significant because it recognizes our commitment to hire the best people and give you the kind of work environment where they can be successful and create value. We are for further success in 2012 is well placed. ”

headquartered in Montreal and offices in the U.S. and Europe, was successfully Messaging Architects to meet the needs of risk management of the company e-mail for more than ten years. Its virtualized platform integrated email, netmail, helps organizations manage the full lifecycle of e-mails from the moment an e-mail about the end of its destruction of life with a sequence created by applications, e-mail security, archiving, compliance and e-mail migration.


to society includes subsidies for tuition and professional accreditation, health benefits and generous retirement programs corresponding to health, and transportation subsidies, a new program orientation bonus, flexible hours and a leadership that encourages employees to be bold manifesto and striking.

Now in its eighth year, Top Employers in Montreal, an annual competition by Mediacorp Canada Inc., publishers of Canada’s Top 100 Employers organized. This special designation recognizes employers in the Montreal area that their industries in offering exceptional places to work, based on criteria such as physical workplace lead, working climate, health, financial and family benefits, and employee communications, among others.

a special profile of the company owned by its employees, who may in the February edition of the first partner of the writing competition, The Gazette, the Careers section of the site can be accessed.

About Messaging Architects

100% owned by employees, Messaging Architects is a leading worldwide Business Driven Email. Our software and services provide 100% uptime and compliance for millions of users. Visit our website at http :/ /

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