EDB Media Launches Anger Management Digital Solutions

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New York, NY (PRWEB) October 18, 2012

EDB Media Inc., a leader in the online self-improvement industry, announces the launch of anger Digital Management Solutions (AMDS), a holistic approach managing anger digital, including personnel supply line path Eanger control program management and personal applications power path of anger for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android phone and tablet.

EDB Media, Inc., the electric Path.com Personal anger management program developed in response to the growing number of people with anger problems. Its estimates nearly 16 million Americans suffer from anger. According to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), anger is one of the most common negative behaviors are found in all areas. If it is not treated, anger issues out of control can destroy a relationship and allow participants to change without hope.

Anger Management Solutions Digital

participants can view how-to videos for anger management to manage daily reminders motivation to monitor progress in a journal and receive 24/7 support program. Programs are available separately.

For more information on applications Personal Power PATH program, visit https://www.personalpowerpath.com/angermanagement/app/Index.cfm?.

About EDB Media, Inc.:

EDB Media, Inc. is a pioneer in the online self-improvement industry offers digital programs target anger issues, weight loss, career change and overspending. For more information visit http://www.personalpowerpath.com.

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Freelance Writing Jobs Website Launches with Writing Jobs for Writers in the U.S.

Dayton, OH (PRWEB) October 06, 2012

Freelance writing jobs are a new way that some writers are earning income entirely online. The expansion of online technologies is allowing some writers to write for companies all over the world from home. A new website has launched to help writers to take advantage of available writing opportunities online. The Online Jobs for Writers website is providing a direct link between writers and companies hiring writers online. More information can be found at this link.

Writing jobs traditionally involved a writer obtaining a job at a company and starting out at the bottom of the writing team. Many famous magazine writers and news correspondents have started their career at the bottom of a writing team. The Internet has changed the way that information is shared electronically and this has created more writing opportunities online.

The Online Jobs for Writers website contains a database of companies around the world that have immediate writing needs. These needs can range from simple blog posts, sales emails, sales letters or on-page website content. A new series of jobs has become available in the past few years that involve social media. The responsibilities of a social media manger can include managing all of the writing content for a company through tweeting or Facebook blog posts.

Freelance writers that have experience writing the types of content that are currently in the Online Jobs for Writers database could find employment opportunities. A recent study has been released that surveyed the salary range of freelance writers writing for companies online. The average writer can earn an estimated $ 25 to $ 45 per hour compared with standard office workers that earn less than $ 12 per hour.

Applicants that sign up for the Online Jobs for Writers website are reviewed with a standard writing test. The results of this test are delivered quickly to allow those that pass the testing portion to access the jobs that are currently available online.

Freelance writers that are interested in pursuing writing jobs at home could benefit from reviewing the opportunities that are now available online through the Online Jobs for Writers website.

About Online Jobs for Writers

The Online Jobs for Writers website is designed to link companies searching for talented writers with freelance writers in the United States. Writing jobs are one of the easiest ways for freelance writers to break into writing for a living. The Online Jobs for Writers website is helping writers to connect with companies that have a direct need for articles, blog posts, journals and social media management online. Writers that sign up to be a writing member of the Online Jobs for Writers website can get instant access to income opportunities as a writer.

ATMOS Global Launches First-of-Its-Kind DustPack : Evidence-Based Dust Management Service Structure for any Mine, Anywhere, Anytime

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Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) September 4, 2012

ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd Elite modeling of the atmosphere and air quality forecasts and climate change research consultants) is launching a first of its kind, combining Management of the worlds first dust processing in multi-system technologies assimilated companys new line-up services structure, intuitively called Dustpack: Evidence-Based Structure dust management services (ATMOS-5D + + + DustAlert and balance risk DustFinder +).


offers more than 25,000 at the site of the predicted dust each year (available 24/7 by the Global Centre for ATMOS global dust load forecasting site specific management and control) and supports new ATMOS Globals VerifiedDust global initiative, a journey of 1,000 mines. mine in both the search and discovery of environmental excellence, inspired by its Vision 2020

It has a wide recognition of the importance of access to the practice of evidence-based knowledge and information that will improve the ability of mining companies to develop new or improve those management plans exist to dust their measures focused on global and regional growth.

Dr Orestis Valianatos President and Global CEO of ATMOS Global, said that the measure, for example, in addition to the obvious benefits to enjoy Dustpack stands with the card, and to coordinate the use of their resources dust management, cost of water, energy and labor costs in the use of trucks to control dust associated, but also reduce overhead haul road maintenance, downtime for repairs and fuel trucks, and increase productivity by extending the life of tires all essential elements of the efficiency equation for mining. We did not invent the forecast, we invented forecasts dust success.

required by the complexity of mining operations ATMOS Dustpack world in three new high-tech options: gold, silver and bronze. Dustpack and our air quality “and the Academy of climate change to” better life for the people and strengthening employment and human motor says Dr. Valianatos.


Dustpack World (Gold) package has been nominated for a mining project as a finalist (with ATMOS Global) for one of the most prestigious awards for outstanding environmental protection in Australia.

ATMOS uses global green energy sources GreenPower accredited by offsetting 100% of carbon dioxide emissions associated with energy consumption.

potential customers with the mining company active, learn more about the new Globals ATMOS Dustpack are interested: Evidence-Based dust structure management service or a purchase order are invited to contact the air quality of our friendly and ATMOS Global Ambassador for Climate Change for more information and a confidential telephone counseling by visiting our new website. http://www.atmosglobal.com

Notes to Editors

Dr Orestis Valianatos is the president and CEO of World ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd). He has extensive experience and a global perspective influential in the fields of atmospheric science and forecasting air quality (model / system developers and users), education and strategic business objectives consulting services . Contractors and agents of change, he wrote more than 50 revolutionary air quality scientific publications (published internationally). In 1999, initiated by Dr. Valianatos promote a successful journey continues, pioneer and support the use of dispersion modeling recent 3D numerical weather prediction and air quality concepts and forecasting techniques for understanding day and the management of complex air quality in mining, manufacturing energy industries.

ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd) is a wholly owned Australian consulting firm that specializes in global forecasts of dust advanced management and dust control dust. The Company has built a strong brand identity to work with a wide range of companies in a wide range of industries to accurately assess complex air quality risks associated with their activities are connected, increase efficiency recommended measures to mitigate risks and improve the environment of their strategy and communication. ATMOS world will be modeling the air quality forecasting and industrys leading innovator in the world. ATMOS engagement worldwide pioneer in the measurement of its heritage, core values ​​and its global ambitions is driven.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Orestis Valianatos

Global President and CEO

ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd)

Phone: +61-1300-69-28667 (+61-1300- MY-ATMOS)

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Perfect for College Students, Angels of Mercy Foundation Launches New Directory of Over 670 Work-from-Home Opportunities

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 03, 2012

Angels of Mercy Foundation has developed and made available a new directory of over 670 firms who have work-from-home opportunities available. These opportunities are perfect for college students or anyone at least 18-years-old in need of additional income. The data has been fully researched and includes links for immediate access. A bonus 17 page paid survey work directory is also included. Daily income is guaranteed if the individual is willing to work from their personal computer on a regular basis.

The work-from-home firms are in need of survey takers, mystery shoppers, data entry clerks, email processors, information research clerks and more. The bonus survey work directory includes hundreds of survey companies willing to pay people immediately after they complete surveys online. The directory costs $ 25.00 via PayPal to access, and will be sent to the email address used for the PayPal payment.

Interested parties need to have a computer with internet access, a printer, a telephone and a prepaid debit card that accepts direct deposits. For more information about acquiring a prepaid debit card with free immediate activation, click here. This prepaid debit card program will issue the users direct deposit banking information immediately. Users will be able to write online checks through the program and they will receive the prepaid debit card in 5-7 days.

About Angels of Mercy Foundation:

Angels of Mercy Foundation specializes in helping people in every area of their lives. Right now, they are dedicated to helping those individuals who have been out of work for several months and students, housewives, etc., who need supplemental income. Their market research has enabled them to develop these new directories. They have researched hundreds of companies around the world that spend huge amounts of money trying to understand how people think and show, why they buy certain products, etc. This acquired information helps these companies improve their products and services.

In addition, the foundations research enables interested individuals to be an integral part of this process by getting paid for their valuable time and opinions while they search for their dream job. The foundation suggests individuals print a copy of the completed work, like a survey, for each company worked for to be placed in a file for each individual company involved. All phone calls should be documented, along with the agents name. Records should also be kept of all expected monies from each company.

Media Contact:

Debby Jupiter

National Marketing Director




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