Finally: Staffing for Retail Stores Gets the Attention it Deserves — Successful Staffing Company Unveils New Targeted Services

(Press Box) February 2, 2012

Set and Service Resources, Inc. (SASR) is proud to announce its latest offering. Staffing services to retailers exclusively retail sales associates and store managers focused

Unlike staffing companies

traditional understands the unique challenges faced by retailers SASR find quality, reliable, skilled workers. After providing high-quality workers in other sectors of the marketing of retail services, facilities, fixtures, demonstrations since 2003, SASR has a unique advantage in their new range of retailers. Because retail is their exclusive focus is constantly SASR in accordance with the labor market, and the pool of available candidates in all 50 states.

Even before this move

official new service area, SASR has always outperformed its competitors in the placement of sales associates and store managers. Chip-Church, senior vice president of national accounts for the Hillman Group had this to say SASR SASR was a valued partner to more than five years. Hillman has successfully used SASR to join our team on several large projects retail. SASR has also provided valuable services and recruitment of temporary field staff available. SASR shares the same commitment to the customer and focus on excellent execution in detail. Shari stocks had to say about Operations Manager for Guardian Angel Thrift Inc. as follows: Resources “Set and the service made available to well qualified candidates for a position in our organization, they were thorough in their study requirements for the position, sent a little more qualified candidates. our consideration, and did so with the urgency that we needed to fill the position. We rented one of these candidates as our general manager and is a great asset to our organization. thank you very much for your excellent service.

Eric Hanvey, CEO, commented SASR greater emphasis on retail sales associates and store management is a natural extension of our current offerings. The vast majority of over 160,000 candidates in our database of retail experience at many different levels. This will enable them to find more job opportunities and provide our customers with experienced candidates. This continues to be our mission, the leading provider of employment for the retail industry. Whether you’re a hiring manager at a trading company looking for new employees or an individual looking for a great job as a sales representative, store manager or marketing events, SASR has you covered.


and Resource Service is a leading provider of staffing services to retail in the United States. We offer temporary and permanent placements for merchandisers, installers, project managers, sales associates, store managers, traders of events and the demonstrators. Resources and service has set a national database of active jobseekers at your local stores and filled more than 100,000 retail jobs. For more information on services offered SASR, please contact David Petrovich (919) 741-5642 or by e-mail to dpetrovich (at) sasrlink (dot) com. Visit our website at http :/ /

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