Four Factors That Make an Esignature Legal

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(Press box) January 19, 2012

The development of digital signature solutions is changing the way companies do business, but some companies are reluctant to accept them because they are electronic signatures legality in question.

following are tips to ensure that the electronic signature is considered legal:

He must show intent

of the person to sign the Protocol. Intent includes the action by the signatory who knew and agreed that they have signed, and are intended to be bound by their signature, show that more.

This is an electronic sound, symbol or icon.

It is logically associated with, or attached to a record level. This means that the system of administration of the signature must be able to join the signature ensures the document in a manner that the signature can not be deleted or modified.
It must
by a person. If the signer is distinctive in some way made a number of questions answered correctly the security, the magazine is due to sign.

were traditionally paper documents and the client authenticates the signing written in ink. Since its adoption in 1996 by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 46 states in the United States, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act are adopted. These laws establish the legal requirements for electronic signatures.


is legally binding as a signed paper copy, as was the federal electronic signatures in global and national Commerce Act was signed in 2000.

Our electronic signature software meets all the necessary features to documents through the use of a legal system of checks and balances, said John Stojka Sertifis co-founder. We prefer concerns, because signatures are useful as evidence.

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