CNNMoney Reports Salary of Federal and Private Sector Employees is Highly Dependent upon Level of Education

Provo, UT (PRWEB) February 02, 2012

CNNMoney reported data on January 31 from a study done by the Congressional Budget Office that for masters degree holders and below, federal jobs offer the higher salary. Conversely, for PhD holders, private sector jobs are definitely the way to go. With all of these career options, My Colleges and Careers can help guide individuals towards the online colleges that will prepare them for whichever career path they choose.

Looking at the most common degree, the bachelors degree, the survey showed that degree holders earned around the same average salary whether they worked in the private or the federal sector. However, individuals who worked for the federal sector received benefits that were worth 46 percent more than those offered in the private business sector. For many, the benefits are equally, if not more, important than the salary itself. As individuals seek to find jobs or improve their current employment, My Colleges and Careers can help guide them in the right direction. Website tools, such as the degree-search tool, will lead them towards accredited online schools where they can earn a college degree and increase both salary and benefits opportunities.

Whether individuals seek to work in artistic, scientific, or business fields, My Colleges and Careers can match interests to viable careers. As this study has shown, having a college degree is beneficial for any arena, whether in a federal or private setting. Taking online courses also has the added perk that students are able to continue fulfilling other responsibilities while simultaneously completing their online degree. These degrees can be invaluable when seeking a career in any field.

Finally, lists of the highest paying careers, infographics, news updates, and an online education blog, make the My Colleges and Careers website even more convenient for degree seekers. There are 2.3 million federal workers, which is a mere 2 percent of the working population. With such fierce competition for jobs with this kind of salary and benefits, having a degree will make all the difference. My Colleges and Careers is committed to providing tools and services to simplify the process of obtaining an online bachelors degree, or any other level of degree for that matter.

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My Colleges and Careers is dedicated to helping students and prospective students earn their college degrees through online degree programs. Considering that most students have other responsibilities and commitments, My Colleges and Careers can become a great resource for those seeking a way to fit school into an already busy schedule. Through online programs, students can complete their schooling at their own pace. The tools and services offered on the My Colleges and Careers website have already assisted many students in completing their education and starting a successful career.


My College and Careers Assists Both Education and Job Seekers to Qualify for the 243K Jobs Created in January

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Provo, UT (PRWEB) February 7, 2012

The U.S. Labour Department reported that February 3rd January, 243,000 jobs were created. In addition, there was a decrease of 0.2 percent in the unemployment rate since December. The economy is looking on the mend and businesses to hire qualified individuals. Can be found at my college and career, can be used as an online resource for those who qualify for employment, help individuals accredited online colleges, through which they acquire a degree and qualify for higher salaries rates and better benefits.

The private sector reported an increase in employment in all areas, in areas such as business services and business, leisure and hospitality, and manufacturing have. Government employment was little change in the past month. As data begins to show which sectors lead to successful careers, people who qualify for the job will be able to find a home are, where they acquire a university degree. Tools on Colleges and Careers My website is designed for people moving in the direction of online degrees that are of interest both for them and will eventually turn into a career development success. For example, if a person wanted a successful career in business services to find, they can support their training and a last look at an MBA program online. If you for a career where they can seek to interact with other nursing programs online could be a better fit.

Whatever type of industry or career, people are looking, offers colleges and tools My Careers Web site to help them achieve their goal. Some of these tools include a list of online schools and degrees of their offerings, graphics information, all relevant news, blog training, and CE r PI resistance:? The search link level that students with the best online school for their area. Those who make their careers better able to make informed decisions and prepare for a college degree by the use of Colleges and Careers My website to win. Earn a college degree in one of the best schools online is a great opportunity for everyone at all economic levels to improve their quality of life. Created with the economy on the mend and more jobs each month, a form will be crucial in finding a rewarding career.

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and to help students and prospective students to earn a college degree through online courses dedicated. Considering that most students have other responsibilities and obligations, my colleagues and career can be an excellent resource for those who are a means to adapt to school in an already busy schedule. With the help of online programs, students can complete their education at their own pace. Tools and services offered on the My Colleges and Careers website has helped many students to graduate and begin a successful career.

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