Crumpler C List Celebrity Backpack Reviewed by Intown Web Design

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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 7, 2012

Intown Web Design (, backpacks Celebrity C-rated Crumpler. Crumpler is one of the few unique bags for photographers, designers and workers on the go. Intown Web Design tested and rated Crumpler ( for more information on backpacks and what they offer. Learn more

In reviewing the examiner Crumpler

Intown Web Design, Steven Johnson, found that Crumpler a great job with their design was the packaging. Steven bought the bags to the test with your camera. His criticism of backpacks to highlight several important functions.

The review was

, detail on how Steven working the bag. He talked about the differences in size between small backpacks, medium and large businesses. The main differences between the sizes depends on how much material should be recorded. Steven said that the C-list celebrities go first for the backpacks from point A to point B. They are not for long, 7-day trips can be tailor-made made. They are made for trips where you can make a significant amount of equipment, adequate protection and storage should be.

The report shows several key characteristics of the pack of Velcro, removable shelves for more flexibility when packing items of different sizes. Can accommodate one of the variables, a large amount of material.


C List celebrity is constructed with a heavy force and protects against external influences very well. The interior is a rigid support around lenses and expensive camera bodies.

Steven said: Overall, these backpacks were exactly what I wanted. I needed something that was big enough, but could not keep all my equipment. Little has worked well for me, but I can only imagine the amount of equipment can be stored in the medium and large sizes.


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