CakeSystems Software Lands Contract with Clean Energy Works Oregon

Portland, OR (PRWEB) December 07, 2012

Non-profit Clean Energy Works Oregon (CEWO) is a public-private partnership dedicated to reducing energy waste and creating jobs by making home energy upgrades easy and affordable. Homeowners that participate in Clean Energy Works work with certified contractors who conduct a free home energy assessment to pinpoint energy waste and identify needed energy upgrades. After agreeing on a scope of work, homeowners can access financing through local lenders that offer flexible terms and preferred rates. Once energy upgrades are installed a Clean Energy Works Energy Advisor inspects the work to ensure it performs as promised.

CEWOs new partnership with CakeSystems enables CEWO to use the energy data they collect to produce an Energy Performance Score or EPS. The EPS is a miles-per-gallon score for the home that provides a homeowner with a clear indication of their energy and carbon footprint. Tim Miller, CEWOs chief operating officer commented, We are excited to begin offering the Energy Performance Score to our customers. By providing a simple and easy to understand visualization of a home’s energy savings potential, the EPS will be a powerful tool for helping homeowners see the benefits of installing energy upgrades through Clean Energy Works Oregon.

CakeSystems is the only home energy auditing software suite that is fast, accurate and flexible enough to meet the demands of todays marketplace. CakeSystems at its core uses the SIMPLE algorithm developed by nationally recognized energy efficiency expert, Michael Blasnik. CakeSystems core auditing module is the foundation for a customized software suite that fits elegantly into energy efficiency programs to dramatically increase audit-to-retrofit conversion rates. The software is designed to allow home performance contractors to deliver to homeowners a clear and concise description of their homes estimated energy use and carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency programs in Washington State, Virginia, Massachusetts, Alabama, North Dakota, Vermont, Arizona and Oregon are currently using CakeSystems software. Independent energy auditors are also using the software in New Mexico, Maryland, California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Maine, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida and Illinois.

About Clean Works Energy Oregon

A public-private partnership, Clean Energy Works Oregon is dedicated to creating jobs, saving energy, and accelerating the energy-efficiency market. Now in its fourth year, Clean Energy Works Oregon has grown from a City of Portland pilot to a statewide program operating in 16 Oregon counties. Next year, Clean Energy Works Oregon anticipates launching in two more Oregon communities, making it available to more than 80% of Oregons homeowners.

The organization makes it easy for homeowners to upgrade their homes for energy efficiency by bringing them together with local contractors, lenders, and utilities.

As homeowners sign up for the program and receive financing from participating local lenders, the dollars flow to paychecks for workers who install new insulation, furnaces, heat pumps, hot water systems, and windows. These upgrades not only improve the comfort, affordability, and energy efficiency of homes, they also improve home value. CEWO works closely with Energy Trust of Oregon and local utilities, which contribute cash incentives for every eligible home.

For more information about Clean Energy Works Oregon, visit or call (855) 870-0049.

About Earth Advantage Institute

Earth Advantage Institutes core mission is to supply the tools and services for professionals to design and build better homes and buildings. We foster innovative partnerships that leverage market forces to accelerate the reversal of climate change caused by the built environment.

New Hampshire and Rhode Island Contract Manufacturers and Job Shops Gain Acceptance into the Manufacturing Marketplace

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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 3, 2012 has announced the world’s largest market for custom-made manufacturing of mechanical components, textile and packaging today the inclusion of several large New Hampshire and Rhode Island contract manufacturer based on

A sample of these highly qualified manufacturer contain:

? JTC Swiss Precision, LLC is a precision machine shop in Manchester, NH. JTC provides quality Swiss precision machined component solutions to medical devices, lasers, aerospace, telecommunications, robotics, process control, transportation, computer, industrial and other demanding industries. They are one of the fastest growing high-precision manufacturing of screw machines in New England.

? Ace Machine, Inc. is a Machine Shop in East Hampstead, NH. Ace Machine was founded in 1983 and employs a dozen workers on average 11 years experience in the machining industry. Ace machine was adopted in the manufacturing market in October 2011. You have to get new clients and receive a 5 star (out of 5 stars). A new client had this to say about the machine Ace: Great job. Will work again!

? Palmer Machine Company is a Machine Shop in Conway, NH. They provide quality machining solutions and turnkey manufacturing. Palmer has just been approved in the manufacturing process of the market in December 2011. You have to get new clients and receive a 5 star! A new client recently commented:
? * The delivery was faster than expected, despite an aggressive goal. Good communication throughout. Overall, they were our expectations.

? MCM Technologies is a company procurement and processing of metals in Providence, RI. MCM technology is a highly capable group that can help turn-key or your products. From an aesthetic design and prototyping to manufacturing and construction, they will help you distribute large metal products make a splash in the market.

extensive expertise, technology, partnerships and proven strategies for these highly qualified New Hampshire and Rhode contract manufacturers Iceland precede the right customer at the right moment in time, said Mitch Free, founder and CEO of is the key to the right lane at the time of your next client is looking for you. is the only market for these new additions do not care how a potential customer is looking for companies just like them. Therefore, we are very pleased to accept this very capable job shops in the manufacturing process have walked. We are eager to grow and develop their business!


: is the largest

global marketplace for the manufacturing industry. platform allows companies to connect, collaborate intelligently and with due diligence, transparency and due protection of intellectual property. is the largest database of certified suppliers stores, manufacturers, molders and subcontractors worldwide. platform supports virtually all manufacturing processes needed to be treated with drawings of parts, including machining, injection molding, fabrication, stamping, molding, assembling, molding and Industrial Components will. facilitates the acquisition of several billion dollars in production each month between members in 50 countries. is based in Atlanta and is headquartered in Shanghai and Paris.

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True Green Energy Group Announces Green energy Contract with Beltrans

Clark Freeport, Philippines (PRWEB) February 5, 2012

The complex will consist of standard modules of 50 tons per day of gasification systems MSW issuing 4000 Nm3/hr synthesis gas to a gas plant synthesis by the system. The expected performance of the gasification plant project is 2 MW, more excess heating up 2MWth. The gasification plant will be capable of modular design and multi-gasification units in the same site could be built in multiples of 2 MW prepared products. The gasification plant, the platform of ancillary buildings associated structural facilities.

gasification system provided by Beltran, the gasification reactor is ash disposal, gas cleaning system including, cyclone filters, heat exchangers, WESP, the gas suction pipe, the torch syngas, and control instruments with steel structure.

Carburetor system uses a modified mobile bed gasifier, which formed a synthesis gas fuel from a plurality of solid fuels, which can be provided by chemical synthesis or directly to a boiler or produce in a gas engine or internal combustion engine leads uses two motor current and generate heat.

Each carburettor system is designed to handle up to 2 tonnes per hour of dry biomass and RDF dried and a number of other wastes generated by industrial and domestic carburetor module with the synthesis gas generated heat / power a gasoline engine or modified duel fuel generators engine compression standard. Alternatively, the synthesis gas from the gasifier can be used for the synthesis of chemicals.

The production process of RDF fuel pellets is on the soil biomass under high pressure and forcing it through an opening round or square as a cube. When exposed to conditions, linking biomass and form a solid mass. This process is known as extrusion. “

pellets incoming waste is made in San Fernando will be sold in 18 kg bags, filled with an overhead hopper and the conveyor belt arrangement. The bags will be clearly labeled with TGEG pellet type of degree (ie, premium or standard), and heat content. Will be sold a ton of pellets made from biomass True Energy Group green for about $ 165. Produced for each ton 1. The landfill in San Fernando, it is estimated that between 300 and 1000 tons pellets per day.

pelletizing is a way to use waste that would otherwise pollute the air and poison the water table to do. Pellets as the replacement of fossil fuels and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Pellets are easier to store because they are uniform in size and composition. They are also much cleaner than coal or coal, and produce less local air pollution.


WESP equipment will be shortly after the scrubber risk and in particular by Beltran for biomass gasification syngas cleaning waste is created. Beltran will install a new WESP single module to achieve an overall picture performance of cleaning more than 98%. The proposed system consists of a vertical tubular flow WESP.

Beltran wet ESPs are used worldwide in over 1000 installations. Wet filters are frame construction with rigid fixed point suspension system for high voltage discharge electrode were installed to collect various types of aerosols, dust and tar.


wasps are plants gasification of biomass, municipal solid waste and coal and coke ovens and coal gas production operations. The particles are also collected, such as fly ash, glass melting furnaces, converters, tar droplets, cement, lime, sodium sulfate and dust, ferrous and non-metallic oxides.


ESP incorporates unique design features, to collect a high efficiency over a long life with a guaranteed minimum of maintenance. WESP may be a vertical or horizontal gas flow.

today means that the growing global demand for energy in the fragile state of the world combined environment, renewable energy solutions that are more important. Jobs in renewable energy is constantly increasing. The importance of obtaining energy that does not harm the environment should not be underestimated. That is why energy companies are always looking for the brightest minds in the fields of renewable energy.

C.E.O. Renato W. Lee III, mentioned by the Group of True Energy Green, Ronald Flynn is an entrepreneur, to help a dream which was to be the world a better place. He decided not to let his dream die. The man of faith and belief in his dreams and not let anyone or anything prevent him from succeeding. The fact is, many people thought he was crazy and said he would never work. But like any great entrepreneur, he heard what he felt. He worked out the kinks in advance what people say now, the largest green power could become the world.

Ronald Flynn is self-made, and is currently building eco-power plants worldwide. The fact is, as an entrepreneur green, not to wait for new energy policies or the political will, one day, can reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases has an arbitrary target.

Larry Ray, a senior adviser to the founder of True Green Energy, said, Our team flew to Korea to meet with Beltran to see their system, and sign contracts for use worldwide . Today we are pleased to sign an agreement with Beltran and about Dr. Murad on board to facilitate waste to energy projects already underway.

Dr. Murat

Dogru is a famous scientist. He currently holds patents for GB1014839.3 Apparatus for producing renewable gas, (2010 patent pending) and the catalytic gasification, international patent PCT/GB2004/004651 (WO05047435A2), our global society has progressed to the well common in the areas of waste to energy, waste management technologies, fuels and energy technologies, equipment and processes, renewable energy and the environment, low carbon technologies, gas and water applications. Since 1996, Dr. Murat much research, the gasification projects are completed, but are not limited to:

1 Dogru and Mr. Howarth Q.C., 1996-1998. Small-scale gasifier was with combined heat and power installations Results (CHP) project with the chips under contract as part of implementing the EU-funded Sustainable Technology Center, managed by the University of Newcastle on behalf of third-generation Ltd., Newtown St. Boswells, Melrose, Scotland.

2 Dogru and Mr. Howarth Q.C., 1998-2000. Gasification of sewage sludge with a downdraft gasifier was carried out on behalf of the project under renewable energy research and development, managed by the University of Newcastle, on behalf of Anglian Water plc, the UK.

3 Dogru and Mr. Howarth Q.C., 2000-2002. Gasification of leather residues with a downdraft gasifier was carried out on behalf of the project under renewable energy research and development, managed by the University of Newcastle, on behalf of the British Leather Co. plc .

4 Dogru and Mr. G. Akay 2002-2007. Oil-water and gas-liquid separation, the project was under contract through the funding of the research EPSRC, project managed by the University of Newcastle, on behalf of the DTI Industry, UK.

5 Dogru M., 2008-2009. An independent evaluation of the technical risks associated with the technology of biomass gasification, was conducted for the project through funding from DEFRA, UK. Project managed by the University of East Anglia, UK.

Ronald Flynn, founder of True Green Energy, said: We are very pleased to have Mr Murat in our team, because it has already recognized worldwide. In addition to its numerous industrial projects completed since 1997 which included the implementation of a 22M