Kauzu Wins Gramercy Private Equity “Born Global” Award at First Ever Gigabit Challenge

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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 7, 2012

Kauzu won Equity $ 250,000 Gramercy Private Born Global Award at the finals of recent Gigabit Challenge in Kansas City, Missouri. The Gigabit-Challenge is a competition against the world business plan that will be created to disturbing ideas which had found the technology industry to put its head, according to organizers.


Gramercy Award “Born Global” is further validation that our idea on the right track and that our solutions meet the needs of job seekers and employers worldwide to cope, “said Kauzu founder and CEO Mitch Schneider. without work, it is difficult, both financially and emotionally to survive. We want to give more power and access to job seekers frontline through a solution more effective that the solutions currently available. We also value and opportunities to better the recruitment process for employers to create.

Kauzu is to develop a comprehensive work tool to assess the needs of all parties concerned. This is true empowerment, says Schneider. Kauzus solution also addresses the fact that the CV is dead.

The Gramercy Private Equity

Born Global Award went to Gigabit-Challenge finalists, the best business plan which shows the potential rapidly introduced worldwide. The prize was offered as a convertible note $ 250,000 order.

We are very pleased to support their mission as Kauzu its first outside investor, said Michael Gale, CEO and Managing Partner of Gramercy Private Equity. We were not only with its possibilities and its business strategy, but also with their ability to bootstrap a startup lean impressed. We estimated that the team has the best chance Kauzu execute their plan. We look forward to working with them to a successful global expansion.

While we are proud

are Kansas City, we recognize that great ideas can come from anywhere in the world, said Herb Sih, co-founder of Think Big, operator partners Gigabit Challenge. Our goal is most promising, commercially viable ideas, the benefits of fiber network were ultra high-speed optical to take Google to find. We want to congratulate you for having won the Kauzu “Born global”.

Challenge final on 18 Gigabit January 2012 was held in the Kansas City Public Library, looking for unique applications, from Google’s first-in-the-nation Gigabit fiber network would be activated concentrate . Individuals, teams or companies with an idea has been invited to participate for a chance on the Google Network fiber work and present their plan to a panel of distinguished judges. Enter

Gigabit challenge attracted 113 participants from seven countries and 22 states. Seventeen finalists presented their ideas to seventeen judges on the Gigabit Challenge finals.

About Gramercy Private Equity

Gramercy Private Equity (GPE) is a global investment and innovation that the wave of globalization of entrepreneurship in information technology and sustainable industries. GPE provides not only capital but also includes international business experience and deep resources of more than three decades of development. GPE is developing hands on its portfolio companies with their expansion strategies and execute. EPM focuses on investments in companies that have either proven their business model on its home market and are ready for international expansion, or are born global and can be taken quickly in different geographic areas based on the foundation. MCPs often invested in portfolio companies through special funds and private equity (SPPEFs) that allow angel investors to fund participation. GPE works worldwide, with particular emphasis on Asia and the emphasis on emerging Africa. To learn more about Gramercy Private Equity, please visit http://www.gramercype.com.

About Think Big Partners

Think Big Partners is an early stage start-up mentoring and accelerator-based collaborative network in Kansas City, Missouri. Think Big Partners helped launch and grow successful companies with over 100 spaces Coworking design, corporate conferences, essential services, start-up funding and resources. To learn more about Think Big Partners, please visit http://www.thinkbigpartners.com.



Kauzu (kawz-ooh) is an Internet startup was founded in September 2011 and will roll out its first product solution used in this spring. Kauzu is the Esperanto word for cause and reflects the focus on activities by enabling people to create social change in the process of finding and mediation. Comprehensive solution to Kauzus look at people, relationships and cultures, the reality is that the CV is dead meet. To learn more about Kauzu, please visit http://www.kauzu.com.

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