Ashley Universitys Career Planning Week Assisted Students in Drawing a Road Map to Career Success

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Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) December 15, 2012

For many students, the college invites the prospect of unemployment. And to solve this serious problem, Ashley University organized a week of career planning in which experts from around the world. They offered career guidance for students concerned about their careers and are looking for employment opportunities after graduation to explore. The week was held on 10 to 14 December 2012 and presented webinars experts from various industries and career of one-to-one conversations with students and parents, guidance counselors at the university.

through webinars, experts discussed the growing industries and are declining in many parts of the world, tips for applying for the right jobs, and what employers look for in candidates and opportunities evolving career. Ashley university students have actively participated in a webinar on creating more personal profile, the importance of social media in the job search, labels interviewing, networking and more. Many experts on the value and benefits of a career plan, as it helps to navigate a new career and advancement of one who is trying to concentrate. In addition, mock interviews were also conducted with students from different continents to assess how people from different backgrounds to answer questions.

career guidance and planning

help guide students in their career in the right direction. By sharing knowledge with industry experts, students learn in the region around the best choice for themselves and their future to be. Our University is proud to hold such special events that add value to the students’ career looming, Samantha Roberts, Director of Student Affairs at the University said.

The university also combine a job portal state-of-the-art, called Ashley linking employers student. It has a success rate of 70% of its workforce and offers a number of career advice for students, including resume writing, interview tips and what employers look for in candidates, among other things .

About the University



Ashley is an internationally recognized university that specializes in providing accredited to register online education for students who are now in an online degree or short courses to learn easily , flexibility and affordability. For around the clock support academic, students are provided with the course or career advice and value-added services. To learn more about the benefits of training programs online, visit

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PayScale Study Highlights Value of the PHR and SHPR: Career Momentum and Higher Salaries

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 25, 2012

For jobs, Inc., a leading provider of global compensation data on demand and software, today announced new research that quantifies the impact of certification extraction HR professionals. Research is in a white paper summarizes Worth It? The value of the PHR and SPHR. Exploit its greatest in the global database of over 35 million profiles and 250 compensable factors, job analyzed Vari information? Various aspects of human resources (HR) positions, comparing the results with and for professionals? A career in Human Resources (PHR) or senior professional in human resources (SPHR) certification from the Institute of Human Resources certification, an affiliate of SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management Award.

The data show that human resource professionals, the PHR and SPHR designations continue to move the career ladder faster and make more money than those who do not have certification. This pattern holds across all industries and large metropolitan areas.

In a labor market that is evolving rapidly, continuing to develop your skills in a demonstrable way makes you valuable to employers, Tim Low, vice president of marketing, said the job search in. An analysis of our data shows that the PHR and SPHR certification is a valuable record for HR professionals in 2012 represented, said Low.

Report Highlights

career progression

: PHR or SPHR Keeping pace provides a powerful career. Both certification, HR professionals are more likely to encourage the highest positions. Employment data for the examined career paths of HR professionals, in particular the frequency with which changes in their job title over a period of five years. They compared the rates of promotion held alongside those who have either certification for those who are not certified. Analysts have concluded that professionals PayScales PHR or SPHR or with the PRO? Movement to reach and often move into higher positions more frequently than those who do not have certification either.

By Company Size Frequency: Although it is not an important factor, firm size does not matter if HR professionals or hold a PHR SPHR certification game. For work has found that HR professionals tend to work with certification in large firms than small firms. The slight decrease in large companies can the fact that junior staff, which, as we have seen less likely to have a certification, make a larger share of total employees are linked.

Pay comparison

Metro Area: Wherever the location certifications, PHR and SPHR increase the wages of those who hold them. For work examined the ten largest cities and found that those with a higher median wage have certifications as those without. The three largest cities included. New York City ($ 73,800.00 with, compared to $ 56, 300.00 without), Los Angeles ($ 51,400.00 $ 77,600.00 with vs. without) and Chicago ($ 47,900.00 $ 68,000.00 with vs. without)

pay compared to industry jobs in the salary for HR professionals examined as a whole, in different industries and found that once these workers with a DSP or SPHR earned more than those without. Industry knowledge includes: manufacturing ($ 47,000.00 $ 63,200.00 with vs without), health care and social assistance ($ 40,500.00 $ 59,300.00 with vs without), retail ($ 46,200.00 $ 65,600.00 with vs without), construction ( $ 66,400.00 vs. $ 46000.00 with no) and finance and insurance ($ 67,500.00 $ 49,700.00 with vs. without).

JobInfo chief economist commented, Katie Bardaro job in today’s economy, not only education, the market value for an employee, but a mixture of this work info call compensible factors . One such factor is a professional certification.

Job Information


PayScale Stacey Carroll, Director of Client Services and Education, will lead two sessions at SHRM.

June 25th at 10:45 EST

clock, Carroll discuss the dynamic between compliance and human resources. This session will focus on how a proactive and strategic role in securing the resources necessary for the growth of wages and salaries and the achievement of talent management in a financially sound manner.

June 26th at 2:15

EST clock, Carroll will discuss 10 basic analysis that leaders lead if they have compensation data. Carroll will discuss how to select sources of jobs found and receive market data, which can serve as building blocks for a compensation plan for success.

About Job Info

creator of the largest database of individual profiles in the world to offer compensation, job info, Inc., an immediate and precise snapshot of current market salaries for employees and employers about their online tools and software. Products PayScales search function and innovative recovery algorithms that capture the dynamic analysis provides information and total compensation for millions of people in real time. Editor of the quarterly index PayScale ™ belong to jobs in software products subscription rate for the employer brand PayScale PayScale Insight TM and TM. Of the 2,200 jobs in client companies, organizations, large and small industries like Zappos, Volunteers of America and the workforce. For more information, visit

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