Jobs in the Dedham Area: Nov. 15

Jobs in the Dedham: November 15
Specialist connection, Comcast, Dedham. Job Description: Responsible for assessing customer needs at a local dealer, educate them by understanding the benefits of services and benefits to communicate to consumers.
Emmylou job description : To hurt you
Emmylou Job Description: To hurt you. 16th November 2012, 20.06 clock by Bernadette Young. Emmylou Harris (Jack Spencer) Why Emmylou Harris, a happy man feel like you want a rusty nail hammered into your heart? “This is my …
Middletown Council approves the new Deputy Chief Job Description , raises
MIDDLETOWN – The local council has a change in the job description for the deputy chief of police has approved more emphasis on supervisory experience in teaching, and soon find candidates. Change is more power …

Pacific Crest Group Recruiting Services Offer End-to-End Staffing Support for Bay Area SMBs

Larkspur, CA (PRWEB) February 2, 2012

Pacific Crest Group (PCG,, the Bay Area, accounting and human resources services, has launched a placement service business news for the Bay Area company has restructured. The new recruitment service provides end to end management of human resources support, support for businesses to assess their staffing needs, identify the characteristics that fit the corporate culture to develop accurate job descriptions and competitive compensation, and finding the right employees.

The new offering is part of the recruitment PCG outsourced services to help customers focus on their heart of business rather than back office distractions. For entrepreneurs away to get rid of costly personnel problems ended, Pacific Crest Group provides personal support, organizational assessment, development job description, analysis, and compensation as part of their recruitment process. It also contains a cultural strategy for success in the assessment of personality traits necessary for the company, identified, and what values ​​and qualities needed to be a top performer. And, of course, PCG lead candidates systematic research and analysis. The hourly billing structure makes recruitment services PCGS ideal for small businesses because it can work for specific customer needs at a fraction of what it would cost a company recruiter.

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Our HR and accounting, we are in a unique position to know exactly what our clients and their cultures, the focus of our recruitment services better and more cost-effective, said Gail Merz, Director business consulting for Pacific Crest Group. Staffing must be considered in light of the major business objectives into account, and our recruitment service is designed to operate as an extension of our customer strategy. We can work with staff on planning, evaluation of cultural adjustment, developed the job description right, and the acquisition of needed much or as little of the recruitment process as a customer. We save companies money and free time for more important tasks managers.

As part of its service make

PCG uses the most advanced recruitment and evaluation. PCG works with Accolo, a state-of-the-market, cloud-based recruitment and platform applicant tracking. PCG also used tools such as hard? Personality in order to evaluate an assessment of individual communication styles, motivations and cultural ideals.


used a process of recruitment of high predictive value, collective intelligence to ensure successful recruitment, and we use techniques of crowd-sourcing, built to expand our market to reach more qualified job seekers dress. And help our preliminary review and rating tools narrow the field to a perfect match, said John Younger, CEO of Accolo. Therefore, we can help companies such as Pacific Crest Group, so that they deliver the most qualified candidates to their clients.


PKG plays a key role in helping us build our employees to look, said John Campbell, MD, CEO of Eye Marino, a medical practice with offices in San Rafael and Novato, California. Four of our key employees have been hired to support PCG. Not only was instrumental in the PCG, a good candidate, but they helped us to demarcate better job and create a culture of accountability. Each recruit increases the quality of our people, and we now have greater productivity and better retention than ever.

companies may contact the recruitment Pacific Crest Group for a free consultation. For more information please visit or contact Pacific Crest Group

about Pacific Crest Group

Pacific Crest Group works with business organizations to help them unlock their potential by eliminating administrative distractions created by business processes. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs with experience in Accounting and Finance, Pacific Crest Group built its reputation by identifying organizational needs and opportunities for improvement and optimization of financial processes, information systems and human resources to that customers can focus on their heart of business. Pacific Crest Group approaches financial advice and business as a physician, with the understanding that some problems can be isolated and fixed, while others need a more holistic approach.

The company is in Larkspur

California. For more information, visit Pacific Crest Group online at

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CheckPoint HR Cites 2011 Year-End Employment in Tri-State Area Slow Compared to 2010

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Edison, NJ (PRWEB) January 31, 2012

CheckPoint HR, the trusted ally in the Web-based management of human resources for small and medium enterprises, today announced that 2011 Tri-State Area slowed Job. 05% at the end of the year, to 0.32% growth reported in the last quarter of 2010 compared.


hours after the data is retrieved from more than 400 clients in the tri-state area, the employment increase slightly in the months October, November and December. However, the growth rate decreased compared to the same period last year.

While the number

in the tri-state area are declining, according to an annual survey, CareerBuilder, the setting remains optimistic Outlook 2012. The sampling plan cites nearly a quarter of hiring managers to hire full-time, permanent employees in the coming year, in line with the employment offices reported data prior to the year 2011.

While growth in the last quarter of 2011, slowly, we think fit to resume in the first two quarters of 2012, similar to the slight increase, we felt in the first two quarters of 2011, said Neil Friedman, CFO, CheckPoint HR. We hear from the companies they are finally starting to feel more stable compared to previous years.

small businesses and their growth are driving the economy in general in the United States. CheckPoint HR data collection is a good indicator of the health of small and medium businesses in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut areas.

About Checkpoint HR

CheckPoint HR

, in Edison, New Jersey, is a reliable ally in web-based management of human resources for small and medium enterprises. Complete portfolio of the company combines payroll, benefits and HR management services with a Web-based System Human Resources Management (HRMS) technology platform to offer customers an affordable and centralized. This helps streamline small midsize businesses to improve efficiency, streamline operations and reduce costs. Clients include Innophos Holding, Inc., New York Organ Donor Network, Hamon USA, and. For more information on CheckPoint HR, please visit, call 800.385.0331 or follow us on Twitter at


? CheckPoint HR 2012, LLC. All rights reserved.

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