Shane Watson's shift to No. 3 will be one of the biggest challenges of his

Shane Watson passage 3 is one of the biggest challenges of his
Watson was started this week with the efficient selection in the Test team South Africa and Australia Sheffield Shield appearance of NSW taken against Queensland from Friday. From there, Sri Lanka and India expect from the perspective …
Irfan Pathan is 28 moves in a critical phase of his career
While Pathan continues to prevail in the format of one-day career test does not seem to have found a way. First, the other bowlers are looking far ahead of him in the hierarchy for test cricket and India’s pace, to support …
one on one career ended
Meckiff is now 77 and 49 years have passed since one of the most controversial episodes of cricket, that a career of 18 trials ended in humiliating and slip space on one expired. Meckiff not have all the answers to why …

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