Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It is true that there will be so many kind of information which will be recorded when people are accessing the internet for many use. We have to remember that the internet is worldwide access which can be opened by many people all around the world so we have to assure that the privacy policy and this is the great consideration which we have for your support. The privacy policy support will be found in notice form which will be able to be found in our homepage for further detail about the requirement.

DoubleClick DART Cookies of Google AdSense

You may use the Google AdSense as third party which is kind of popular advertising method on the cyber space and it is able to serve ads on this site because it uses cookies. By using DART cookies, it is enabled by Google for providing the advertising to the visitors and it will be based on this website visit and also other websites. You should open for getting network privacy policy and Google for choosing DART cookies. There will also be other third parties who use cookie as well for tracking the activity of the users as the way for checking the efficiency of the advertisement but these cookies cannot be controlled by

Personal Information Collection

There are some information which will be collected when you are visiting according to access dates and times of the IP address. This will be useful for analyzing trend, administering the website, tracking the movement of the users, and also collect the broad demographic information which is used internally. There is no need to worry that the IP addresses will be recorded and linked to information which can be identified personally.

Third Party Website Link

This site includes link which can be used and referenced by you but the privacy policies are not our responsibility so you should be more aware about the difference between these sites privacy policies and your own.

Privacy Statement Changes

We can change this statement content anytime and you are allowed to contact usĀ  if there are some questions about privacy policies.

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