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Free App Helps career in agriculture
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Job losses as Skillsfinder UK Training goes in to administration

job losses Training Finder UK enters administration
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ATMOS Global Launches First-of-Its-Kind DustPack : Evidence-Based Dust Management Service Structure for any Mine, Anywhere, Anytime

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Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) September 4, 2012

ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd Elite modeling of the atmosphere and air quality forecasts and climate change research consultants) is launching a first of its kind, combining Management of the worlds first dust processing in multi-system technologies assimilated companys new line-up services structure, intuitively called Dustpack: Evidence-Based Structure dust management services (ATMOS-5D + + + DustAlert and balance risk DustFinder +).


offers more than 25,000 at the site of the predicted dust each year (available 24/7 by the Global Centre for ATMOS global dust load forecasting site specific management and control) and supports new ATMOS Globals VerifiedDust global initiative, a journey of 1,000 mines. mine in both the search and discovery of environmental excellence, inspired by its Vision 2020

It has a wide recognition of the importance of access to the practice of evidence-based knowledge and information that will improve the ability of mining companies to develop new or improve those management plans exist to dust their measures focused on global and regional growth.

Dr Orestis Valianatos President and Global CEO of ATMOS Global, said that the measure, for example, in addition to the obvious benefits to enjoy Dustpack stands with the card, and to coordinate the use of their resources dust management, cost of water, energy and labor costs in the use of trucks to control dust associated, but also reduce overhead haul road maintenance, downtime for repairs and fuel trucks, and increase productivity by extending the life of tires all essential elements of the efficiency equation for mining. We did not invent the forecast, we invented forecasts dust success.

required by the complexity of mining operations ATMOS Dustpack world in three new high-tech options: gold, silver and bronze. Dustpack and our air quality “and the Academy of climate change to” better life for the people and strengthening employment and human motor says Dr. Valianatos.


Dustpack World (Gold) package has been nominated for a mining project as a finalist (with ATMOS Global) for one of the most prestigious awards for outstanding environmental protection in Australia.

ATMOS uses global green energy sources GreenPower accredited by offsetting 100% of carbon dioxide emissions associated with energy consumption.

potential customers with the mining company active, learn more about the new Globals ATMOS Dustpack are interested: Evidence-Based dust structure management service or a purchase order are invited to contact the air quality of our friendly and ATMOS Global Ambassador for Climate Change for more information and a confidential telephone counseling by visiting our new website.

Notes to Editors

Dr Orestis Valianatos is the president and CEO of World ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd). He has extensive experience and a global perspective influential in the fields of atmospheric science and forecasting air quality (model / system developers and users), education and strategic business objectives consulting services . Contractors and agents of change, he wrote more than 50 revolutionary air quality scientific publications (published internationally). In 1999, initiated by Dr. Valianatos promote a successful journey continues, pioneer and support the use of dispersion modeling recent 3D numerical weather prediction and air quality concepts and forecasting techniques for understanding day and the management of complex air quality in mining, manufacturing energy industries.

ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd) is a wholly owned Australian consulting firm that specializes in global forecasts of dust advanced management and dust control dust. The Company has built a strong brand identity to work with a wide range of companies in a wide range of industries to accurately assess complex air quality risks associated with their activities are connected, increase efficiency recommended measures to mitigate risks and improve the environment of their strategy and communication. ATMOS world will be modeling the air quality forecasting and industrys leading innovator in the world. ATMOS engagement worldwide pioneer in the measurement of its heritage, core values ​​and its global ambitions is driven.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Orestis Valianatos

Global President and CEO

ATMOS Global (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd)

Phone: +61-1300-69-28667 (+61-1300- MY-ATMOS)

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