Veterans Day 2012 Tribute – Over 1.3 Million Veterans Honored & Thanked at

Charleston, SC (PRWEB) November 7, 2012

special relationship between American soldiers serve side by side and are trained in the U.S. armed forces. These obligations are often against the ravages of time, precisely because of the unique circumstances and often difficult in which they have been trained in the army. An online community that has grown by about 1.3 million U.S. veterans, military family members and friends – created with this in mind, in 2000, a former U.S. military http://www. The mission of the site. To raise and support veterans and military offers services such as: research of more than 1.3 million members in touch with old friends and relatives to do so, compare prices between more than 10,000 military units, information on how get your own army or parent records and medals lost, veterans job boards, message boards, photos invite past and present military cadences research meetings and post military pride merchandise and more yet. Veterans across the country are invited to create a free profile at:

Veterans Day 2012 Celebration

Veterans Day approaches, reach out and ask all Americans to take a moment to respond to the bravery and sacrifice of all those who have served their country in time of need to think.

effort, a national day veterans parade / events directory, which can be accessed Visitors are invited to submit and register parades and community activities to promote the directory in support of veterans. All ads will be posted on over 300,000 unique visitors per month to see.

Veterans Day

forum was developed on the site approach to veterans and other interested parties to share ideas and knowledge related to Veterans Day or give a message of thanks to veterans.

through Veterans Day and the holidays are VetFriends take up to 60% discount on all Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard pride items for. support, and with the recognition of all veterans and men and women of military service In addition, visitors are invited to use the promo code V3 for an extra 15% on all American military hats, t-shirts , collectibles, stamps, stickers and many other items online pride. collection consists of thousands of images made in honor of the U.S. Army. Visitors can search for images by specific military branch, years, war, military unit, state and country. Each picture contains background information with a message and / or description. Images can be displayed in normal size or reinforced for greater proximity.

After the reunification of Vietnam with a buddy service through, veteran K. David Herbert wrote:

“A few months after the publication of my photo, I received an email saying that someone VetFriends trying to contact me. It turned out that the photographer of my picture and be a friend … We have been exchanging emails and even some pictures of his own VetFriends added too … It was fantastic to hear him. VetFriends Thank you. “

this year, with the approach of Veterans Day, are feelings of gratitude and respect, fill the hearts of the American people, the community gathers to celebrate, support and show their appreciation to U.S. veterans soldiers and military assets as well.

founded in 2000 by American veterans, thousands of people were back by that. since the Second World War in Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm and the present a. A current membership of more than 1.3 million people with 300,000 visitors per month on the site Please visit for more information.

Media Note: For veterans successful reunion stories, photos and interview opportunities please contact Maynard Anderson 843-352-4926 or e-mail


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5 Ways to Calm Kids’ Fears About Hurricane Sandy

Honesdale, PA (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

children can live in the path of Hurricane sand experiencing fear or anxiety about the storm. Even those who live outside the affected area can make love on the East Coast. Here are some tips for writing the magazine Highlights for helping children deal with their fears (After all, most adults are concerned, too!):

(1) hearing. Listening is probably the most important thing we do when children may feel anxious. Some children want to better understand what is happening. Some are specific ways that you can approach then worry like that, what you will do if the power is off.

(2) Inform the children are great observers, but they do not always know how to interpret things they hear. You can worry about a simple description of what can happen, and how you intend to pacify treated. (For example: If the wind to come, we lose power we have many flashlights, books and food, we can use it to restore the operation of the power company in a position to supply the house ..)

(3) maintaining normal routine. While it is important to stay informed, recognize that if you have the TV on all day, it can increase stress in children. If possible, talk to your normal activities as doing chores together, play and eat.

(4) Share your own feelings. It is often reassuring for children to know that what they are feeling is normal. Sometimes, as adults, our desire to protect our children from our own desire. However, they often return to these feelings anyway. If you are nervous about his actions OK, but let the children how to manage these feelings and put them in a broader context. It can be soothing for children of all persons who provide support emergency weather thinking.

(5) Helping children. Work that children can help them feel more comfortable with your plan. To help you collect batteries and flashlights, eat together, cleaning around the house or other storm preparations.

Our thoughts are with all those who hope in the way of historic storm, we are that you will be safe, dry and in the company of close


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To enjoy , you will need to buy the starter pack. Mostly the manufacturer will let you to choose different starter pack.  If you do not have any experience with , buying the basic starter pack will be a good start. It is cheaper than any premium starter pack. If you think that the product is really suiting your taste, it is always possible to add the premium starter pack. But you have to remember that you should not mismatch different brand starter pack at once. There is no guarantee that they will be perfectly matching each other.

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