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LAP-BAND VIP Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Hooman Shabatian Offers Tips for Weight Loss Surgery Patients for Traveling

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 4, 2012

The journey of weight loss after LAP-BAND surgery to take off, even during the holidays. Although it is easy to give into cravings for an open bar on a cruise ship or a quick fast food meal at the airport, after a few instructions LAP-BAND is important while driving to maintain weight loss.

like any other day, it is important to plan your meals in advance and be prepared for the holidays and no excuses or give in to temptation, said Los Angeles LAP-BAND surgeon Dr. VIP . Hooman Shabatian. While traveling through airports, staying in hotels or a cruise, it is always possible to stick to your diet plan.

The LAP-BAND AP surgery is for adults who weigh 100 pounds or more above their ideal weight and not after other methods of weight loss such as diet and exercise planned . Although weight loss is the most important goal is to improve obesity related disease often after surgery, as well. LAP-BAND device, manufactured by Allergan, an inflatable ring silicone is placed around the upper part of the stomach to create a small pocket, ingestion narrowed. With the supervision of a bariatric surgeon and nutritionist, patients can expect to lose about 1-2 pounds per week, while the. Following a strict diet and exercise program

not affiliated with LAP-BAND VIP Sandi Henderson is a LAP-BAND patients jointly manage the site with other bands in LAP-BAND patients Gloria Samuels. The site is a community for patients, educate patients, advocacy and support for people looking for LAP-BAND. The site contains information on surgery research, preparation, recovery, processing and maintaining weight.

Before she had LAP-BAND surgery, Henderson weighed over 400 pounds and suffered from arthritis, sleep apnea, acid reflux, asthma and hypertension. In 2004, aged 55, Henderson took what they said was a life changing step for LAP-BAND surgery. She lost 250 pounds in 28 months, medications and has the ability to move freely, because their operation. She has her weight at 175 pounds will receive more than seven years later.

Even if she says she eats too before tripping, Henderson fact, you always have a plan. Although it is easy to make the excuse of the LAP-BAND on holiday with me, she said she is ready for meals and snacks, including with their hand luggage on the way. Some of the things she brought with her holiday includes dishes, folding bags empty cold, paper plates, salt and pepper, a staff and a cup shaker with protein powder. She said she can keep to justify an unhealthy diet.

I never leave the house without make snacks and water and protein powder to myself that I have no excuse for starving and just need to have a [Snack] Henderson wrote . This does not mean that I do. Never take a cookie here and there a pretzel, or a glass of wine with dinner I’m a human being. I do not expect perfection 100% of the time, and I am gentle and treat me nicely.

LAP-BAND VIP Desiree Nazarian nutritionist recommends patients take healthy snacks during the trip, such as 100 calorie servings of almonds, egg whites or Fiber One bars. To eat in restaurants, Nazarian recommends examining nutrition facts restaurants online, where appropriate, be able to make healthy choices.

holiday, it is easy to yield to temptation and think it’s OK to splurge, especially with alcohol, which is very high in calories and can cause a lack of judgment in choosing food Nazarian, adding that a cocktail can contain more than 500 calories in a 12 oz glass.

meal ideas for visiting

holiday item eHows simple meals during the holidays. Cook on

Dr Hooman

Shabatian obtained his medical degree from Chicago Medical School and began his surgical career with an internship at Cornell University in collaboration with Lincoln Medical Center in New York. Dr. Shabatian his first LAP-BAND procedure in 2002 under the supervision of the LAP-BAND Shayani pioneer Dr. Loyola University Medical School. Dr. Shabatian is a certified surgeon and member of the American College of Surgeons.


LAP-BAND VIP has its own medical and surgical training and extensive expertise developed through years of practice. Our staff offers a unique and personalized service to all people in their journey of weight loss. To learn more about LAP-BAND VIP to arrange your free consultation, visit or call (800) 561-9000.

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