’s 10 Stealth Job Search Tips for the New Year

Marlborough, MA (PRWEB) January 1, 2012

Employers have legitimate concerns about the conservation of important corporate information and the time that employees spend more time lost in preparing its next service, as do their job.

With more than 66% of employers monitor employee Internet use (according to a study by the American Management Association), must be taken very carefully job loss, while looking for job.


Top 10 Stealth Job Search

one? Dont open your job search. This is a great way to get fired.

His name

a stealth job search for a very good reason. It must be very discreet. Do not share research plans for employment and advancement with colleagues or employees. Loose Lips Sink careers.

2? Find a job at home. Not at work -. Not even during their personal time

employees have no guarantee of privacy -. even during their “personal time at work, during breaks or lunch, many employers to monitor the use of e-mail, surfing habits, voice mail, and even the use of services such as personal Gmail accounts.

3? Use a personal or other non-business e-mail to get the job.

using the name of a current employer, address and phone numbers as contact is a great way to get a job seekers flying on stealth and it is impossible to stay in contact when the jobseeker is leaving or losing their jobs.

4? Follow the employer’s use of social media and Internet use policies.

Employer’s policy

should define what is acceptable and what is not. If the employer must pay attention to smart people. It is certainly not come from the fact that the lack of policy, an employer does not care or do not pay attention.

5? Keep a low profile electronic job search.

not publish job search on Twitter, a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or Elist. Not on each job card or send to any network of contacts – widely CV can be so easily end in the wrong hands.

6? Carefully lift the personal perspective, online and offline.

In the Search for the boss

and profiles of LinkedIn employees about a company to see if they are ‘safe’ to use. Slowly create a LinkedIn profile 100% complete and + Google profile. Join local professional and trade associations, and an active member.


? Dress current employer’s name on the resume.

A job search can

“unmasked” when someone at work (boss, employees), an employee discovered on Monster or Workopolis, etc. So, cover your back, the name of the current employer (eg, IBM transformed into multi-national Information Technology Company, etc.) continued on the posting.

eighth? Let Google and shall forward the possibilities of personal email account.

Make a list of potential employers, and released using Google Alerts and alerts Indeed, new opportunities for personal email account.

9? Use the confidential setting if you are a CV on a job site.

When using

sites, be sure to find the resume as a “private” or “designated as confidential. See Job-Hunt Cyber-Safe Resume Tips section for converting your resume to one that your privacy and to protect your work.

10? Add a personal / non-business e-mail to the LinkedIn profile.


multiple e-mail is linked to a profile, and work and personal e-mail address will be protected against loss of the profile when the work is lost.


learn more about job search online safe and effective for use, by Dick Bolles recommended, what color is your parachute?

More stealth job search, visit work.

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Champion Oil Satisfied with 2011 ARCA Racing Success

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Clinton, MO (PRWEB) January 2, 2012

ARCA (Automobile Racing Club of America) is a Professional Development Series and NASCAR. Champion and Win-Tron has accumulated 19 starts, one win, five top-Fives and ten top-10. The team finished an impressive 10th overall in the rankings last ARCA car owner with driver Matt Merrell, Ryan Wilson, Chris Windom, Joey Miller and Mason Mingus at the helm of the Champions # 32 Toyota Camry and Dodge brands this season.

As an added bonus to

, all with Master very proud to be part of the career ARCA Racing Series Merrells first victory in the No. 32 car in Berlin Raceway in Michigan, in July, said Mike Reddick, Vice President of Sales for Champion. The victory also Oil Champion Racing with great exposure and brand awareness provided.

Champion brand is celebrating its 55th Year

developed as a leader in synthetic motor oils for the racing industry, diesel, classic, vintage, hot rod, muscle car, motor and farmers’ markets. They provide numerous multi-viscosity motor oils with high zinc and phosphorus formulas developed to find the right balance of chemistry to engine performance and vintage high, especially those that protect dishes cams push rollers operating at high speed and require high pressure valve springs.

These custom products contain proprietary lubricant Champions TVS? (Stabilizer thermal viscosity), which is the ability to better oil protective film at elevated temperatures. The base oils also contain special modifiers to reduce friction lubricant and the full potential of any engine by increasing the compression, power and torque.

About the company: Champion Brands, LLC, is an industry leader recognized worldwide in specialty lubricants for over 55 years. Champion has also produced and added over 300 products including fuel, motor oil, additives and lubricants for motor sport, cars, trucks, agricultural, industrial, and specialty markets. For more information, please contact your nearest dealer champion, or call 800-821-5693 to defend. Champion Brands, LLC, 1001 Golden Drive, Clinton, MO, 64735 or go


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Esignature Solutions – Theres an App for That

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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 6, 2012

When it comes to electronic signatures, theres an app for that, thank you Sertifi, one of the leading electronic signature and Web-contracting solutions.

The company publishes

Sertifi Signer, a free iPad application, January 1. It is available for download on the iTunes Store.

app is for these documents must be signed, and it allows them to do so through their fingers. It eliminates the need for paper documents, faxes and mail processing contracts and other documents, said John Stojka Sertifis co-founder.

with technology being what it is today, theres no reason why we can not ax the fax for good, said Stojka. The ability to write something with computers was a big step towards progress, and put that same capacity on a mobile tablet is the next logical step.

place an electronic signature on a tablet solution creates freedom and mobility for users, thanks in part to the iPad size.

Imagine the convenience of signing documents on an airplane or walking into a client company and transfer your iPhone, you’re about to record their signatures, he said. This is what makes this application possible. You never have to print, scan and fax documents again.

Main features include


It’s free and downloadable from iTunes.

It works with PDF files and allows users to add their documents to text if necessary.

It works with IOS 4.3 or higher.

Its easy to use. Signing documents anywhere, anytime.


want to know more about Sertifi and digital signature solutions, call 1-866-983-8877 or visit:



Based in Chicago, Illinois, offers improved Sertifi key digital signature solutions and Web-contracting, sales organizations for the exchange of purchase contracts with customers and partners. Sertifi is the most reliable supplier in the industry, and E-Sign has processed millions of electronic signature arrangements and events.

Sertifi provides industry-leading web service API that allows eSignature integration into existing systems, or pre-built connectors to platforms such as leading and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Sertifi Software-as-a-service technology is used by large companies such as CareerBuilder, Microsoft, Pitney Bowes and the U.S. Air Force.

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Builders and Deposits

I’ll start this article on the building, which can be read and the offense already taken the above summary. The guide is not detailed to assume that customers who operate on a payment method are of poor quality or corruptly.

However, with over 20 years experience in the construction industry, including the bidding and negotiation of construction projects to small, I personally found that it is not a recommended practice to pay for a service order prior to receiving at least some work.

Remember, you use your manufacturer. Did you pay in advance at work?

Some of the quotes I’ve heard, the customer asks for money before starting place. Also listed are some answers to be used to prevent the situation and on negotiations. A manufacturer may then worked throughout his career and perhaps take some convincing to see that you view point.

We need a deposit for the purchase of equipment. – Can Every client has been in business and have a good credit of a trading account with their local suppliers of building materials that have the most credit-Your builder offers 30 days on site for a whole month before the job to pay for all .. the materials used.

No deposit is required to ensure that you are required to continue -. At the stage of talking to customers that you already spent money, the plans to apply to spend money the Council on a building permit and / or building permit. This is sufficient proof that you are serious proposals in you.

deposits are required to book us in. -. It’s not a perfect word, and it is self-employed and need to cancel an online order weeks or even days can still extremely poor for business but it is the nature of being self-employed. There are no guarantees, and sometimes the unexpected happens. If a manufacturer has made you a competitive quote for realistic works are available and can start on time, then it should take you up on the project to continue.

Customer deposits have decided at the end of a previous work, we now obtain cash in advance .

– ..? Furthermore, whether the business becomes everybody’s deadbeats Is it fair to pick on you, but more importantly, he had a reason money was withheld? Although there are dozens of variations

probably around four main reasons above the base. This is a much better alternative to an agreed schedule of equal payments. This should not be complicated and it is very easy to cover in one certificate of appointment in early labor. Then, each party knows where they are.

A typical example would pay an extension of three equal installments at the end of each of the following phases:

. Foundations, floor slabs and all processes.

ii. Closed shell (secure building, windows and doors installed, the roof and gutters and downpipes finished)

iii.Entire completed project.

The project size and the size of the construction company to consider, regarding the number of payments, which helps both the buyer with cash flow and risk are considered and same security for the employer.

If no on-site employer and the client agrees in most cases related to money. Follow the tips above which a system is fair to both, they document the start of work and ensures it will remain a basic reference for all during the project.