Artist Nina Kellogg To Be Featured on With New Line Of Wedding Gifts: Ceramic Raku Wall Art

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 25, 2012

Nina Kellogg, a renowned artist in Los Angeles, announced today the release of a new line of wedding gifts for the bride and groom to the love of art. The new line consists of wall art is made of ceramic tiles, shot using a process called Raku. Nina joined Kellogg’s wall art with a unique set of matching vessels, which are taken at low temperature. The artist draws his burning tiles and vessels of the hot oven and leave them in a container filled with combustible material to be cooled. This gives his art a benevolent one.


traditional customers are creative Hollywood as an actor, film producer and television directors and art collectors. Its new line of pottery wedding gift is now available to a wider audience.

The artist finds inspiration in his work on the other. As a consulting psychologist Kellogg spends his time finding the inner beauty of its customers and help them see it. Just when I listen to my clients, so I can hear the tone. She said.

Nina Kellogg may




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PayScale Study Highlights Value of the PHR and SHPR: Career Momentum and Higher Salaries

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 25, 2012

For jobs, Inc., a leading provider of global compensation data on demand and software, today announced new research that quantifies the impact of certification extraction HR professionals. Research is in a white paper summarizes Worth It? The value of the PHR and SPHR. Exploit its greatest in the global database of over 35 million profiles and 250 compensable factors, job analyzed Vari information? Various aspects of human resources (HR) positions, comparing the results with and for professionals? A career in Human Resources (PHR) or senior professional in human resources (SPHR) certification from the Institute of Human Resources certification, an affiliate of SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management Award.

The data show that human resource professionals, the PHR and SPHR designations continue to move the career ladder faster and make more money than those who do not have certification. This pattern holds across all industries and large metropolitan areas.

In a labor market that is evolving rapidly, continuing to develop your skills in a demonstrable way makes you valuable to employers, Tim Low, vice president of marketing, said the job search in. An analysis of our data shows that the PHR and SPHR certification is a valuable record for HR professionals in 2012 represented, said Low.

Report Highlights

career progression

: PHR or SPHR Keeping pace provides a powerful career. Both certification, HR professionals are more likely to encourage the highest positions. Employment data for the examined career paths of HR professionals, in particular the frequency with which changes in their job title over a period of five years. They compared the rates of promotion held alongside those who have either certification for those who are not certified. Analysts have concluded that professionals PayScales PHR or SPHR or with the PRO? Movement to reach and often move into higher positions more frequently than those who do not have certification either.

By Company Size Frequency: Although it is not an important factor, firm size does not matter if HR professionals or hold a PHR SPHR certification game. For work has found that HR professionals tend to work with certification in large firms than small firms. The slight decrease in large companies can the fact that junior staff, which, as we have seen less likely to have a certification, make a larger share of total employees are linked.

Pay comparison

Metro Area: Wherever the location certifications, PHR and SPHR increase the wages of those who hold them. For work examined the ten largest cities and found that those with a higher median wage have certifications as those without. The three largest cities included. New York City ($ 73,800.00 with, compared to $ 56, 300.00 without), Los Angeles ($ 51,400.00 $ 77,600.00 with vs. without) and Chicago ($ 47,900.00 $ 68,000.00 with vs. without)

pay compared to industry jobs in the salary for HR professionals examined as a whole, in different industries and found that once these workers with a DSP or SPHR earned more than those without. Industry knowledge includes: manufacturing ($ 47,000.00 $ 63,200.00 with vs without), health care and social assistance ($ 40,500.00 $ 59,300.00 with vs without), retail ($ 46,200.00 $ 65,600.00 with vs without), construction ( $ 66,400.00 vs. $ 46000.00 with no) and finance and insurance ($ 67,500.00 $ 49,700.00 with vs. without).

JobInfo chief economist commented, Katie Bardaro job in today’s economy, not only education, the market value for an employee, but a mixture of this work info call compensible factors . One such factor is a professional certification.

Job Information


PayScale Stacey Carroll, Director of Client Services and Education, will lead two sessions at SHRM.

June 25th at 10:45 EST

clock, Carroll discuss the dynamic between compliance and human resources. This session will focus on how a proactive and strategic role in securing the resources necessary for the growth of wages and salaries and the achievement of talent management in a financially sound manner.

June 26th at 2:15

EST clock, Carroll will discuss 10 basic analysis that leaders lead if they have compensation data. Carroll will discuss how to select sources of jobs found and receive market data, which can serve as building blocks for a compensation plan for success.

About Job Info

creator of the largest database of individual profiles in the world to offer compensation, job info, Inc., an immediate and precise snapshot of current market salaries for employees and employers about their online tools and software. Products PayScales search function and innovative recovery algorithms that capture the dynamic analysis provides information and total compensation for millions of people in real time. Editor of the quarterly index PayScale ™ belong to jobs in software products subscription rate for the employer brand PayScale PayScale Insight TM and TM. Of the 2,200 jobs in client companies, organizations, large and small industries like Zappos, Volunteers of America and the workforce. For more information, visit

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Goalee Overhauls Networking, Recommends Connections Based on Goals and Shared Interests from LinkedIn and Facebook Profiles

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) June 25, 2012

Today Goalee launched the beta of its online people discovery tool, connecting people based on their personal and professional goals to create networking opportunities. Goalee searches users Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to determine appropriate matches based on shared interests and professional history, providing a more effective way to expand ones network and achieve set goals. Goalee then guides the outreach process so users have a better idea of what to say when contacting someone they dont already know. Users can correspond within Goalee, or add other users to their Facebook and LinkedIn networks directly through Goalee, relying on the points of similarity as a basis for better outreach and relationship building.

An open platform that anyone can join, Goalee users create networking goals using free-form language. Goals can be specific or general. For example, a user can type, I want to join an after-work lacrosse league made up of people in the finance industry, or Im looking for an analyst position at a specific company. A robust recommendation engine, Goalee suggests relevant matches by leveraging Facebook and LinkedIn user data and ranks the matches based on personal commonalities between the users. The web app then generates an introductory email that includes the reasons for connecting. Goalee can also be used to re-engage with existing contacts based on new goals and shared interests.

We believe the old adage its who you know is as valid as ever. Goalee provides a more effective way to discover and connect with people you never knew you needed to know. A cross between LinkedIn and eHarmony, we match people to people not to friends of friends, job openings or similar resumes, said James Brown, co-founder of Goalee. A lot of us dont know whom to contact when networking or what to say when approaching someone cold whether its for social or professional reasons. Goalee acts as a networking coach; it not only suggests new connections in order to achieve your goals, but also helps you know what to say when you reach out to those people.

“Targeted introductions are the next step in the evolution of online networking, which makes Goalees offering compelling. Its technology uniquely incorporates natural language functionality to improve the process social and professional matchmaking and initiates mutually beneficial connections,” said Matthew Greenfield, partner at StoneWork Capital and early investor in Goalee.”

Users registering at by July 31, 2012 will receive access to the premium service for one year at no cost. After the introductory offer, new users will have basic access to the Goalee service for free and premium access for $ 7.50 per year. Goalee is partnering with universities across the U.S. to provide their business school students and alumni with unlimited premium access to Goalee.

An overview of Goalee can be viewed at Start using Goalee at

About Goalee

Goalee connects people based on personal and professional goals to create networking opportunities. Users enter goals in free-form language no drop-down boxes or limiting categories to check off and Goalees patent-pending discovery tool matches people based not only on those goals, but also how similar the users are in terms of shared interests by comparing data from their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Once a match is suggested, Goalee turns the cold-call into a warm connection by generating a dynamic email that includes information on how the individuals are related to each other and why they should connect. Communication can take place within Goalee, or users can expand their networks on Facebook or LinkedIn by adding other users to their network directly from Goalee. Users can also revive relationships within their existing networks based on updated or new interests and goals. Unlike other networking platforms that simply unite friends of friends, Goalee helps users grow their network organically by recommending new connections on a deeper level. To try Goalee, visit

Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Profit By RPO, Announced Plans for Offshore Research Specialist

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Noida, India (PRWEB) May 20, 2012

India No. 1 corporate recruitment process outsourcing, taking advantage of RPO announced plans to research specialist at sea, enterprise mobility to enable its customers , their end customer. In this competitive world, if the right talent always seems to quietly sophisticated, companies need to be a daunting task of managing human resources optimally in order to obtain consistent results in the process efficiency. Before finalizing the hiring decision, organizations need to focus attention on different aspects of the business such as operations, sales, marketing, finance, to pay staff.

Profits abroad RPO research specialist

provides for the following activities:

? Analysis of the positions and requirements: If a company already established an internal recruitment process for the production of skilled manpower for operations, then you can take advantage of RPO can significantly improve and support this process with a specialist research abroad. Functions as the first screening of applicants on their resume and experience and match existing vacancies within an organization can successfully be achieved by such a resource. Enjoy Offshore RpoS research specialist can greatly help existing recruitment operation by providing an additional benefit of professional help in analyzing the different positions and using the existing pool of resources to provide outstanding results.

Search Resumes? Build a targeted list of candidates with research, access to an internal database or ATS & job boards (Dice, Monster, Career Builder, etc …), they offer these candidates targeted information to a service existing recruitment so they can hire the best candidate for employment benefits


o? 2 years of

o? Flexible, scalable

o? Universal setting best practice

o? 90% reduction in agency costs


About RPO


RPO, a leading provider of offshore outsourcing of recruitment processes in India, to earn RPO is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Noida, India, the hub of IT and business India. Touch base with them for a variety of recruitment process-based and experience the magic of working with profit by RPO!

visit or call (888) 322-7617 for more information on overseas recruitment services in IT and other services, you can benefit from RPO provided.

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