Constellation HomeBuilder Systems Unveils New Solutions at the 2012 NAHB International Builders Show

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Markham, ON (PRWEB) February 2, 2012

Constellation Homebuilder Systems, the leading and most trusted residential construction software solutions, today announced new solutions to the NAHB International Builders Show in November 2012 to February 8 in Orlando, Florida.

constellations software solutions were developed specifically for customers in their business processes and costs associated with information technology solutions most advanced integrated software that meets their business processes to operate more efficiently , communicate effectively and to build more houses while using fewer resources and costs. Whether you’re a smaller custom builder or building thousands of homes each year are offering a full range of Constellation Software solutions and continues to hold a long-standing commitment to the construction industry to demonstrate.

Constellation will be on hand to provide one-on-one demonstrations, visit our stand at the W4783.

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sites and online marketing

sites and lead management processes are essential components of customer revenue. Constellation is a simple solution can be combined to help the web site and online lead management system, developers present their professional activities, and ensure that all leads are followed and made to manage the consequences. PIONEER with websites, Constellation will offer SEO training, you get higher rankings in popular search engines and convert more leads to appointments and sales agent.

marketing and CRM solutions

If a prospective buyer visits their contact information on your site or sales office, all sales of Constellation and CRM solutions are designed to help you maximize a buyer in this perspective, sales of upgrade, complete range of production contracts and with fewer errors. By integrating automatic website, all information collected and views in your sales system for fast tracking and ensuring that no lead is lost.

Accounting and Production Solutions


offers a complete range of building solutions to improve the budgeting process, purchasing, accounting, service payroll accounting, construction management, and client. With a system everyone can access the same data and business owners spend less time, reports spreadsheet updated to improve the quality of information available when crucial decisions.

workflow and document management services

real-time alerts and notifications, everyone knows what is going on and monitor business processes established in order to react in time. Externally, the builders of workflow systems, the new home buyers with information and comfort they need during the entire construction cycle and also offer. Constellations of document management solutions offer features to easily secure and release of information to back-office and mobile workers.

scheduling domain

and mobile devices

superintendents and project managers need information on the work, to maintain margins, reduce errors and avoid delays. IPad with constellations or integration iPhone, Android, Blackberry and scheduling solutions portable, field workers full access to company information, schedules, orders, service requests, site plans, the seller and the task information and request for exemption, without making a phone call.

Supplier Portal and Collaboration

To purchase constellations

is safe, provides operators of web portal and crafts vendors with real-time access to employment, construction programs and payment information to reduce calls and costly mistakes. With statements from vendors portal suppliers and contractors are able to get the information they need at any time.

warranty and customer service

portals Constellation home buyer’s guide and warranty online, you can provide home buyers with information on their home during the construction phase and beyond. You can follow any notifications and warrant that you have a package of legal and regulatory purposes. With Constellation, management solutions customers experience, the owners are questions online, paperless was filed, and shall, without having to re-enter information. This saves time, reduces errors and creates satisfied customers who will generate referrals.

About Constellation Homebuilder Systems

As the largest software companies in

construction industry, helped run systems builders Constellation over 2,800 builders manage their IT costs with an integrated software solutions for their housing Web sites of companies that guarantee. Planning services to owners, we have software for land, new home sales and marketing software, production, purchasing, scheduling, accounting, warranty, proprietary electronic manuals, vendor portal solutions and site solutions designed exclusively for the housing industry. Constellations products includes HomeDev Pro, Pro Soft build, builder 360, Constellation Web Solutions, FAST, NewStar, and Sales1440 BuildTopia.

Constellation Homebuilder Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), the leading global provider of market leading software and services, and is a publicly traded company.

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Builders and Deposits

I’ll start this article on the building, which can be read and the offense already taken the above summary. The guide is not detailed to assume that customers who operate on a payment method are of poor quality or corruptly.

However, with over 20 years experience in the construction industry, including the bidding and negotiation of construction projects to small, I personally found that it is not a recommended practice to pay for a service order prior to receiving at least some work.

Remember, you use your manufacturer. Did you pay in advance at work?

Some of the quotes I’ve heard, the customer asks for money before starting place. Also listed are some answers to be used to prevent the situation and on negotiations. A manufacturer may then worked throughout his career and perhaps take some convincing to see that you view point.

We need a deposit for the purchase of equipment. – Can Every client has been in business and have a good credit of a trading account with their local suppliers of building materials that have the most credit-Your builder offers 30 days on site for a whole month before the job to pay for all .. the materials used.

No deposit is required to ensure that you are required to continue -. At the stage of talking to customers that you already spent money, the plans to apply to spend money the Council on a building permit and / or building permit. This is sufficient proof that you are serious proposals in you.

deposits are required to book us in. -. It’s not a perfect word, and it is self-employed and need to cancel an online order weeks or even days can still extremely poor for business but it is the nature of being self-employed. There are no guarantees, and sometimes the unexpected happens. If a manufacturer has made you a competitive quote for realistic works are available and can start on time, then it should take you up on the project to continue.

Customer deposits have decided at the end of a previous work, we now obtain cash in advance .

– ..? Furthermore, whether the business becomes everybody’s deadbeats Is it fair to pick on you, but more importantly, he had a reason money was withheld? Although there are dozens of variations

probably around four main reasons above the base. This is a much better alternative to an agreed schedule of equal payments. This should not be complicated and it is very easy to cover in one certificate of appointment in early labor. Then, each party knows where they are.

A typical example would pay an extension of three equal installments at the end of each of the following phases:

. Foundations, floor slabs and all processes.

ii. Closed shell (secure building, windows and doors installed, the roof and gutters and downpipes finished)

iii.Entire completed project.

The project size and the size of the construction company to consider, regarding the number of payments, which helps both the buyer with cash flow and risk are considered and same security for the employer.

If no on-site employer and the client agrees in most cases related to money. Follow the tips above which a system is fair to both, they document the start of work and ensures it will remain a basic reference for all during the project.

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Chicago Movers Receive Award for Exemplary Service

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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 2, 2012

Chicago Moving Company USA Honored Moving and Storage, Inc. recently to service providers through the online review site Angie List for outstanding service to customer. Each year selects companies that have always highly rated services provided, published by the reviews on the website real Angie List. This is the ninth consecutive year, the United States Moving and Storage has won the prestigious Angie’s List Super Service.

“Only a fraction of the companies on Angie’s list in the case file of sterling service, the Super Service Award winners hold because we have a set bar high, says founder Angie Hicks Angie List. The fact that the U.S. can request moving and storage, a super price for service speaks volumes about its commitment to the consumer.

U.S. Moving

storage was awarded the Super Service in a myriad of Chicago movers and storage companies. Jerry Z., longtime director of the Chicago Moving Company, said: .. “We are honored to be recognized by our customers and the list of Angie is one hundred percent satisfaction is our goal that price is always more difficult to push us to repeat these words in the other. year we will, as always, work hard until the year 2012 to ensure that we remain the engine up in Chicago.

Last year, mobile

U.S. and storage on improving an image worked flawlessly. With a few updates to web design and adding pages with tips for mobile clients in Chicago, the company has also reviewed and increases the size of its fleet of trucks.

“We like to be recognized for our excellent service, why were in his company. That is, we want to create brand awareness, says Jerry on the new image. new customers often call us after seeing us move their neighbors, assuming they see the bright red shirts, they remember nice truck with a coat of fresh paint, and they remember the care of our boys at work .

, fresh paint, not just a facade, it’s Jerry. As we expand our only goal is to continue to ensure that involves a moving experience for USA Moving and Storage, the mover best equipment at the highest level, competitive prices and satisfied customers. We encourage everyone to travel to some of the critical local Chicago movers. As noted by many reviews, our commitment to service is undeniable.

Angie List Super

winners of this award have strict admission requirements, including earning a minimum number of reports, an exemplary rating from their customers and meet compliance with operational guidelines Angie List. The ratings are updated daily on Angie’s List, but members can find the 2011 Super Service Award logo next to company names in search results and


USA Moving and Storage, Inc.

USA Moving and Storage provides full service residential moving packing to loading for transport and storage of your household. Travel desk are also available. In addition to use the experience as a professional piano in Chicago, they specialize in packing and moving unusual objects such as art or antiques. Heavy glass plates on antique clocks, and visual arts, provides mobile in the U.S. and storage at competitive prices for any major initiative. Your moving and relocation specialists explain all phases of your move.

licensed professional, insured and bonded. USA Moving and Storage meets all requirements of the Illinois Commerce Commission standards specified for the insurance, handling, loading, moving and deleting properties. They are a five-time winner of the Better Business Bureau Award complaint free and also holds an A + rating from the desktop. 2012 – United States Moving and Storage in the conversation of the City award for three consecutive years, was awarded the 2010th These awards are in addition to many 5 star reviews on a number of review sites user-oriented like Yelp, and Google Local

To organize

For more information, free quote in motion Chicago or a free estimate on the move, contact a representative of USA Moving and Storage. The toll free number is 1-800-626-4474.

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