Ten Elements to Look for in an Electronic Signature Solution

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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 12, 2012

With more business with mobile phones and applications is the world of electronics on many facets of the business transformation and with the approval of execution.

companies begin to look with an electronic signature solution for streamlining and looking to save money, said John Stojka Sertifis co-founder. You use Web solutions for business functions to improve, but they often overlook the simplest strategy, electronic signatures.


identified 10 factors to consider when choosing an electronic signature solution:

1 Ease of use: the search for a solution, the signing of the electronic signature quickly and easily


2 authentication: The authentication tools ensure the right person at the other end of the transaction.

3 Security. Find a solution that is as safe as possible, the transaction must be made via a secure network with encryption of documents when finished

4 Guided process: The solution must be the signatory of all places, they must sign or initial guide. This ensures that you sign not to be missed for a signature or in the wrong place.

5 Portability: Documents must be easy to ensure compatibility with the software opens the signer of the document in.

6 Signatures

multiple: Users must be able to more than one person in more than one place, may sign the document.

seventh audit trails. The solution must provide a detailed report on the agreements signed, and should be able to trial

8th Analytics: Information on when agreements have been sent, signed, and the average time to close the Creator.

ninth Compliance: To be legally binding documents must meet the same strict standards and basic requirements such as signatures on paper


10th Souvenirs: Find a set of solutions, decision makers, a number of reminders to alert you when someone or can not be signed after a while.

electronic signature software

means business transactions can be performed anytime, anywhere, said Stojka.

To learn more about their tools and
Sertifi electronic signature, call 1-866-983-8877 or visit: http://www.sertifi.com.



Based in Chicago, Illinois, offers improved Sertifi key digital signature solutions and Web-contracting, sales organizations for the exchange of purchase contracts with customers and partners. Sertifi is the most reliable supplier in the industry, and E-Sign has processed millions of electronic signature arrangements and events.

Sertifi provides industry-leading web service API that allows eSignature integration into existing systems, or pre-built connectors to platforms such as leading Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Sertifi Software-as-a-service technology is used by large companies such as CareerBuilder, Microsoft, Pitney Bowes and the U.S. Air Force. http://www.sertifi.com

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Lured by New Snowfall and Peak Conditions, Skiers and Snowboarders are Flocking to Aspen for Weekend and Week-long Getaways

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Aspen, CO (PRWEB) February 2, 2012

The start of the ski season in Aspen in 2012 this week with a new covering of powder was met at Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and buttermilk, and the first wave of weekend warriors eager to ski the road. Despite tough economic times, families and single people are descending on Aspen avoid their packages after mid-winter and taking advantage of vacation homes in Colorado and listings of condos in expensive hotel rooms and stay in an environment pleasant space for a fraction of the cost of organizing holiday.

requirements for skiing and snowboarding in Aspen are the best they’ve had this winter, with snowfall in creating conditions for skiing as good as they get this time of year. With a promising forecast for much powder in the coming weeks, visitors booking private homes, cottages and villas that can accommodate up to 20 people, then this weekend Aspen affordable for families or groups of friends want to enjoy their time together, and both on and off piste.

John Romano

Aspen Apartments, said a growing number of travelers to experience the benefits of vacation rentals in Aspen, which makes it very convenient and fun for families and close friends to stay under one roof with the advantages a kitchen, laundry, barbecue and all the comforts of home.

people actually take advantage of holiday homes and apartments for short visits to places of Colorado, United States, and abroad for years because of the convenience and savings, says Romano. Aspen Apartments just makes it easier for travelers with home and apartment owners in Aspen, lend their properties to private parties want. Connect

families with four or more, and groups of up to 20 people can stay comfortably together in a house or condo in Aspen, and have something to spend more money while they are here. Moreover, it can be a great pleasure to spend holidays in an environment that offers more privacy than a hotel.

comparison shopping

vacation rentals in Aspen is fun and easy to do. At Aspen Apartments are new offers per day, with lots of availability throughout the ski season and beyond. With spring break just around the corner, visitors will want to enjoy spring skiing in Aspen for rent, as well as exceptional chalets, cottages and villas. Take

smart traveler with an eye on their budgets can comparison shop for the best deal on a holiday, even if they are only Aspen for the night, according to Romano. Will be employed when deciding on the best option between a hotel, bed and breakfasts, and private homes are usually able to fix the price of the most important criterion, with location, facilities and number of customers of a unit to accommodate all factoring in.

Our job is to ensure that travelers and property owners to connect, making it much easier for travelers to stay in the right place, something that meets their needs and budgets. find


Colorado vacation:

ColoradoVacationRentals.com is one of the fastest growing online destinations for travelers seeking accommodation in Colorado somewhere. This collaborative website owners corresponds with holidaymakers in search of a perfect object. The page is now enhanced research capabilities and educational tools for tenants and landlords.


east to connect Colorado Apartments for travelers from around the world with the owners in Colorado by providing a detailed list of features and a safe and effective way to communicate to the right on the site. Powerful research tools allow tenants to narrow listings to find the apartment of their dreams. Potential tenants can compare cabins research and books, villas, houses, villas, condos and other vacation properties around the great Colorado.

Visit the apartments website

Aspen, or fill out the contact form online to learn more about vacation properties in Colorado.

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Exclusive Amazon Kindle E-book Deals To Help Fight International Child Abduction

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Los Angeles and New York (NYSE) February 2, 2012

Three international thriller by bestselling author, filmmaker and the child advocate Peter Thomas Senese top Book critics rave about the writer should read geopolitical thriller inspired . Peter Thomas Senese, novels electifyingl include Chasing The Cyclone, the grotto of the Assassin and cloning of CHRIST. All three titles are exclusive to Amazon e-book. Chasing The Cyclone will be released in hardcover later this month, while the two CLONING CHRIST and the grotto of the Assassin is now available as an eBook.

Senese, a well respected lawyer gift of children abducted to prevent 100% of his royalties to the ebooks I CARE Foundation: a nonprofit organization dedicated to the abduction of Stop that combines the last two weeks four abducted children with their families.

Peter Thomas Senese

commneted to his letter. “I am happy to know that readers from around the world have found great entertainment value while embracing the message or meaning of these three separate stories I write detective stories, historical development possibilities and truths . So in this sense is to make readers think of my books, the inevitable “what if?”

Amazon should HALL OF FAME reputation

travelers praised bestselling author Peter Thomas Senese recently e-book reading public international legal thriller Chasing the cyclone as a story for fans of electrifying thriller high. Chasing The Cyclone, which is currently only available as e-books from Amazon in the e-book is the captivating story of a father searching for his kidnapped children internationally from his own experience of the author hunting inspire cyclones removal, which has several book reviews that top any loving parent should read.


author Daniel Jolley Hall of Fame, commented: “Chasing The Cyclone” is not only a powerful novel, it is a call to arms against a growing epidemic that is tearing the life behind the headlines … “Chasing the Cyclone” is much more than just excellent, the novel CAN NOT-put-down, but it is a book with a purpose … Becoming Peter Thomas Senese is a strong advocate on this issue, and “Chasing The ‘Cyclone offers a very effective and clear call to action. I would even encourage all parents love to read this book, as the link between This is a father and son to imitate … “

Amazon Hall of Fame Harriet Klausner literary criticism. . . “This is an exciting thriller that grips readers warned from the beginning …” Chasing The Cyclone “, the public, this earthquake warning exciting thriller grips readers from the beginning …”

Dr. Grady Harp

, a highly respected Hall of Fame Amazon review says: “Peter Thomas Senese now open the window the size of these tragedies in his excellent” Chasing the Cyclone “… As if that was not the history of energy racy ‘enough to satisfy the reader does, shows Peter Thomas Senese its distinction as a writer on many levels … this book impossible to put down … “

In the wake of recent international events, develop, including the capture of an Iranian drone spy plane potential cyber-hacking with immediate protection from the consent of Russia to major oil fields in southern Iran, combined with the dictator’s death isolationist North Korea, Kim Jong II, the author Peter Thomas Senese is pleased to announce the publication of his geopolitical thriller, the lair of an Assassin -book.

multidimensional property is set on Wall Street and is based on historical events on the basis that the reader is thrown overboard in an exciting journey in the global geopolitical hidden and invisible worlds that exist within nations that have different agendas and global U.S., and limited to the West, including, but not China, Russia, North Korea and Iran. Most of the above, since each nation has become dependent on each other in our global society, an extraordinary new level of vulnerability of our national security was established, that we may not be prepared. In the grotto of the Assassin, the reader believe the unique information detailed on this subject, which is carefully woven by a complex, entertaining story, but quite exciting to find -. And disrupt


author Daniel Jolley Hall of Fame, said:. “This is a seriously good thriller as announced” a novel of espionage and international finance, “Den of the Assassin an ultra-realistic exploration frightening possibilities is unparalleled heroism, Lucifer as evil and terrorism of the worst kind … Peter Senese Thomas made a masterful job running in the interior corridors of various institutions, as it Slowly bring all these different elements to a climax the slam-bang … “Peter Thomas Senese is a wealth of knowledge of geopolitics, espionage, and international finance, describes all the technicalities and implications of the story elements, which bogged down with great attention to detail, without being ever-tempo or too confusing for the reader. He also holds a number of secrets close to the vest by them for just the right moment in history. . . Many writers of thrillers seem to drop the ball somewhere in the middle of his novels, but Peter Thomas Senese, the knowledge of geopolitics, international finance and Century 21 terrorist threats to keep the fires of detailed and complex evolutionary history fed and shining for the whole journey. Tyler Boxter is not James Bond, but Den of the Assassin has proven to be just as exciting as any capers 007 -. And much more realistic “

Cloning of Christ, Peter Thomas Senese theological thriller that asks: “What would you do if you held the potential of the True Cross of Jesus in his hands, and it contained blood and hair roots on them read from? the world the world to talk about the infinite possibilities Senese brings in his novel, which pushes the question of where and how science and faith can co-exist in today’s world.

Amazon Hall of Fame book critic Harriet Klausner, said: .. “Fans will enjoy this thriller, the story is still responsible for the action similar to the characters used as symbols of humanity as a medieval passion play like everyone else is for the occupation of the believers, the infidels, provides dividers (torn between science and religion), or selfish. ” Cloning of Christ, “the discussion of religion from science to the forefront in an exciting way that emphasizes the sanctity of life. “

Peter Thomas Senese is a strong advocate of prevention of child abduction attempt active international child abduction and trafficking is committed to stop. He is director of the Foundation I CARE. 100% of royalties from Peter Thomas Senese from e-book versions of Chasing The Cyclone, the den of the assassin and cloning of Christ will be donated to the Foundation I CARE.

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Renowned Art Deco Artist Hildreth Mei

? New York, NY (PRWEB) January 12, 2012

The most famous and versatile Art Deco muralist Hildreth re Mei (1892-1961) is the subject of the presentation of exciting new Museum of Arts Bible exhibition walls : the narrative art of Mei Hildreth? new. To view from February 3 to May 20, 2012, the walls Speakeasy presents the liturgical projects of this avant-garde artist for many New York metropolitan centers has created emblematic places of worship, including Temple Emanu -El, the Church of St. Bartholomew, St. Michael’s Church Passionist Monastery in Union City, New Jersey and another religious symbol. Organized by the Centre Regina A. Quick for the Arts at St. Bonaventure University and organized by Catherine Coleman Brawer, the exhibition features over 90 items, including hand-painted altarpieces and mosaics scale test. Also visible are the gouache studies, cartoons and models that form the basis of Mei? Res completed designs, as well as photos of some of his commissions were more traditional. This conference is the first presentation of the walls only to opinion? Res great job for synagogues and churches. Visitors can experience a great American muralist, whose innovative approach to design, materials and technology to the forefront, she pushed at a time, had pushed through some of the artists whose art and ability to improve rich sacred spaces.

specialize in mosaicnow almost lost artHildreth Mei? Re was one of the most famous muralists and prolific of the 20th Century. An early proponent of Art Deco drew inspiration from medieval times to the mosaic of Ravenna and the wall paintings of the Renaissance in Florence, streamlined modern style bring traditional motifs. She received her first big orders to conduct Bertram Goodhue architect, and G. During his career, completed 100 projects that were equally divided between the secular and the religious. She left their mark in the vast landscape of New York City, including Expo 1939 New York World, Radio City Music Hall, Red Hall in banking on Wall Street and the Cathedral of St. Patrick. In 1956, she became the first woman to receive the Medal of Fine Arts of the American Institute of Architects, and was the first woman appointed to the Commission of the City of New York Art.


Mei? Re is an artist who has left an indelible mark in New York, said
Dr. Ena Heller
, CEO Mobia. This exhibition explores their role in the decoration of many of Americas most beautiful houses of worship and it shows as a creative force that deserves a place among the most skilled artists of the 20th Century.

background exposure

born in New York, taking the company and Europe to study art, Mei? Re costumes that appeared at the Metropolitan Opera in 1917 devised. During a career that spans five decades, she has created installations for monumental religious buildings, government and business. Illustrate subjects ranging from astronomy to the women’s movement drew on the mythology, biblical history, the lives of saints, and Native American art. Through studies, working drawings, models and photographs of the interior finish of the granddaughter of the artist Mei Hildreth? Re Dunn will be taken to see firsthand how visitors Mobia Mei? Res artistic process from concept to final form develops. The exhibition includes newly restored sequences Mei? Re and artists to work on portable triptychs for the armed forces during World War II. Three of his triptychs are on display.


? perform again work with skilled craftsmen qualified European, their designs in ceramic tiles, glass mosaic in the Byzantine style mosaic, inlaid wood and stained glass silhouette. Famous in his life, his work has received less attention than the styles and tastes have changed.

Highlights View

(see attached photos)

St. Peter mosaic of the Transfiguration, 1928. St. Bartholomew Church in New York. Glass Mosaic, 58? x 59?. Work for the first time in a glass-mosaic shows Mei? Re the transfiguration of the Gospel of Mark that the half-dome of the apse described. Their Byzantine-style mosaic is composed of tesserae – mixed fragments of colored glass with gold leaf decorated glass. Several shades of gold were used.


for sample apse mosaic panel, 1929. St. Bartholomew Church in New York. Glass Mosaic, 50 x 20 St. Richard Parish, St. Louis, Missouri, promised gift to St. Bonaventure University. Mei? Re was commissioned designs that create a variety of animals including a lion, unicorn, eagle, peacock, pelican and deer all symbols of Christ as inserts for the lower part of the apse. In this picture, the Pelican pierce her breast to feed her chickens.


triptych. 146 for the armed forces, our God fights for us, the Second World War, 1944. Oil on wood with gilded gesso, 60 x 72;? The Virginia War Museum, Newport News, Virginia Re Mei wrote to his family, on war work, I increasingly altarpieces for chaplains … There is talk of turning the 500 of them, and I will count on him for many design and conduct. God help me! Mei? Re runs a program for portable altars soldiers that were used in the Jewish and Christian services during the Second World War are. The biblical figures relate to the construction of the walls of Jerusalem on the left wing of the triptych on contemporary bridge builders and soldiers of the church on the right wing.

Walking tour

A walking tour through New York, visitors can produce a range of facilities, including Mei? res mosaic sheets in the main sanctuary of Temple Emanu-El, the largest synagogue in the world to see.


strong support for exhibitions and programs Mobias was provided by the American Bible Society, and Howard and Roberta Ahmanson available. This program is funded in part by public funds from New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in collaboration with the City Council. Talking walls is made possible with support from Governor Cuomo and the Legislature of the State of New York by the New York State Council on the Arts.

About the Museum of Biblical Art:

In the near Lincoln Center, Broadway at 61st Street in 1865, presented at the Museum of Biblical Art is critically acclaimed exhibitions and provides high quality, affordable art enrichment programs for all ages . Mobia celebrates and interprets art in relation to the Bible and its cultural heritage in the Jewish and Christian traditions through exhibitions, education and science. Previous exhibitions have ranged from the Italian Renaissance masters in the art of Marc Chagall. Admission to exhibitions is free for members and children under 12 Mobia and pay-what-you-want for adults, with a suggested admission of $ 7 on Sunday are free. Museum opening hours are: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun: 10:00 clock-6: 00 clock; Thursday: … 10:00 clock-8: 00 hours, Monday: closed. Visit http://www.mobia.org for more information on current exhibitions and public programs.

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