Five Job Search Strategies

The most challenging part of any career change is actually finding that perfect new job. Whether youre currently unemployed or looking to move onward and upward, its important to have a solid job search strategy in place so you dont get stuck in a rut.

Here are the top 5 job search tips I share with my coaching clients.

1. Network, network, network! Online or in person, you never know who youre going to meet when you start networking. I feel its important as a job coach to encourage my clients to try a little of everything, until they find their niche. Even social events can turn into fabulous networking opportunities if youve got the right attitude.

2. Know your career goals, and stick to your guns. Unless youre in really dire straits, you should never settle for less than what you want. Thats not to say you shouldnt bend a little in order to score that perfect gig, but dont ever compromise your values.

3. Strategize. Are you willing to check out any offer that comes your way, or do you have your eye on a specific corporation or geographical area? Depending on your individual goals and flexibility, your strategy will be different. If youre leaning more toward the former, you might plaster your resume on every major job search site, call a few headhunters, and wait to see who bites. I dont recommend this strategy. You need to be more targeted, its a good idea to spend your time cultivating your connections, researching specific companies and asking for introductions to the companies at the top of your list.

4. Revamp your resume: After you define your target. A positioned and well-laid out resume is one of your best assets in the job search process. If youre not sure your resume is up to snuff, Im always happy to review your resume. Contact me for details.

5. Be patient! If youre sick to death of the job search process, take a short break and do what you need to do to get refreshed. Perhaps you need to re-evaluate your strategy? Perhaps you need to refresh your skills, add news ones or practice interviewing. Hang in there; the right job is out there, just waiting for you to fill it. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking, but dont forget it needs to be accompanied by a well thought out strategy you take action on!

Your Action Step is to complete at least one job search related task outlined in your game plan. That could be posting your resume online, attending a networking event, rewriting your resume, or sitting down with your friendly neighborhood career coach for a pep talk. If you keep moving, youll never lose your momentum!

Newest Beverly Flaxington Book, Make Your SHIFT, Launches This Week

Washington, DC (PRWEB) January 18, 2012

Several of America’s most well-known financial experts, personal success coaches, health counselors, leadership teachers, relationship builders and business leaders are offering free copies of their books, learning materials, and even one-on-one consultation, to those who purchase Flaxington’s new book on January 17th. For a complete list of the free bonus gifts and more information, visit the book’s website,

Make Your SHIFT is a personal-growth companion to her recent book for corporate audiences, Make the SHIFT: The Proven Five-Step Plan to Success for Corporate Teams. Both books focus on revealing the one element that is missing from many goal-setting and goal-achievement programs and systems.

As Flaxington writes in the introduction to Make Your SHIFT, “Instead of helping you understand your own nature and how you can work with it to create positive changes in your life, most books gloss over the importance of you altogether. They offer a step-by-step approach, or a set of instructions, or a deep theoretical perspec

Itil Certification – Your Career Builder

In recent years, he has had a significant impact on the progress of business processes. The introduction of computers, LAN, client / server technology and the Internet has facilitated organizations to bring their products and services to market quickly. These developments were escorted the transition from an industrial to the information age, where everything has become dynamic. A need for competent and cost effective use of IT resources that no one had been willing, led to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which grew from the best practices in the IT services industry .

ITIL provides a framework for all activities of the department to provide services based on IT infrastructure. These activities are processes that, when they form an effective framework for IT service management using more mature. Divided each of these processes involves more than one task of the department, such as infrastructure management service, and delivery of services and care. This approach allows to describe best practice IT service independent of the structure of the organization.

ITIL was developed based on the fact that organizations are increasingly on IT to achieve their business objectives are. This dependence has led to a growing demand for IT service excellence to adapt to meet business objectives, and requirements and customer expectations.

The Dutch Foundation “Exameninstituut voor Informatica (EXIN) and the British” Information Systems Review Panel (ISEB) in co-development of a system of professional certification for IT Service Management ( ITSM). This was done in collaboration with the OGC (Office of Government Commerce) and ITSME on EXIN and ISEB qualifications a full range of ITSM three levels that provide collectively as ITIL Version 2 (V2) Read:

IT Service Management Foundation Certificate Practitioner certificate in computer

Management Service Managers Certificate in IT Service Management

But in 2007, APM Group has launched a new system ITIL Version 3 (v3) is based. ITIL V3 certification levels are:

Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management
intermediate certificate (Lifecycle Stream & Capability Stream)

ITIL Service Management Professional Diploma Advanced Diploma

The ITIL v3 certification system offers a modular approach. Each qualification is allocated a credit value, so the success of the module, the trainee with a certification and a number of loans granted.

New Hampshire and Rhode Island Contract Manufacturers and Job Shops Gain Acceptance into the Manufacturing Marketplace

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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 3, 2012 has announced the world’s largest market for custom-made manufacturing of mechanical components, textile and packaging today the inclusion of several large New Hampshire and Rhode Island contract manufacturer based on

A sample of these highly qualified manufacturer contain:

? JTC Swiss Precision, LLC is a precision machine shop in Manchester, NH. JTC provides quality Swiss precision machined component solutions to medical devices, lasers, aerospace, telecommunications, robotics, process control, transportation, computer, industrial and other demanding industries. They are one of the fastest growing high-precision manufacturing of screw machines in New England.

? Ace Machine, Inc. is a Machine Shop in East Hampstead, NH. Ace Machine was founded in 1983 and employs a dozen workers on average 11 years experience in the machining industry. Ace machine was adopted in the manufacturing market in October 2011. You have to get new clients and receive a 5 star (out of 5 stars). A new client had this to say about the machine Ace: Great job. Will work again!

? Palmer Machine Company is a Machine Shop in Conway, NH. They provide quality machining solutions and turnkey manufacturing. Palmer has just been approved in the manufacturing process of the market in December 2011. You have to get new clients and receive a 5 star! A new client recently commented:
? * The delivery was faster than expected, despite an aggressive goal. Good communication throughout. Overall, they were our expectations.

? MCM Technologies is a company procurement and processing of metals in Providence, RI. MCM technology is a highly capable group that can help turn-key or your products. From an aesthetic design and prototyping to manufacturing and construction, they will help you distribute large metal products make a splash in the market.

extensive expertise, technology, partnerships and proven strategies for these highly qualified New Hampshire and Rhode contract manufacturers Iceland precede the right customer at the right moment in time, said Mitch Free, founder and CEO of is the key to the right lane at the time of your next client is looking for you. is the only market for these new additions do not care how a potential customer is looking for companies just like them. Therefore, we are very pleased to accept this very capable job shops in the manufacturing process have walked. We are eager to grow and develop their business!


: is the largest

global marketplace for the manufacturing industry. platform allows companies to connect, collaborate intelligently and with due diligence, transparency and due protection of intellectual property. is the largest database of certified suppliers stores, manufacturers, molders and subcontractors worldwide. platform supports virtually all manufacturing processes needed to be treated with drawings of parts, including machining, injection molding, fabrication, stamping, molding, assembling, molding and Industrial Components will. facilitates the acquisition of several billion dollars in production each month between members in 50 countries. is based in Atlanta and is headquartered in Shanghai and Paris.

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