VCAD Offers New Online Resume-Building Software

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) February 7, 2012

College of Visual Arts and Design is now offering students an easier way to his resume and other personal marketing materials that are essential looking for jobs to build. The college has recently resumed optimal, a web-based program that allows users high-quality multimedia resumes and portfolios for online sharing easy to create. The service is offered free of charge to all students and graduates.

Unlike a simple word processor that provides optimal CV-style models, from simple formatting, industry-specific examples and easy to understand instructions. Users enter relevant information into the categories established and the program generates a CV line downloaded, printed or published. Users can also activate their resume in professional websites, with the radio button added to their accounts on sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

also allows students VCAD optimal CV and portfolio alumni work to create shares with potential employers. You can also use video replay, so they can make a positive first impression, as if they were satisfied with employers in person. Video resume and portfolio can be included on the site.


employers also have access to a personal portal for online career opportunities directly VCAD. Students and graduates can access and apply for this job directly by the service.


optimum allows graduates of strong CV and other personal marketing tools that they create a competitive advantage in the job market, says Dean Tremain, VCADS and Director of Graduate Career Services. You can also access social media links on this service and reach a broader base employer.

For more information on career services at VCAD, visit You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter VCAD.



VCAD is a school of art and design based on creativity inspiring, in which teachers share the same commitment, desire and passion for art and design as students. Degree program in interior design, 3D modeling, animation, game development and design, fashion design, graphic design, game design and Mobile Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion, have quarterly start dates to maximize flexibility for students. VCAD is also a strong supporter of the arts within the community, providing scholarships and grants to local organizations each year.

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Builders Campus Announces Partnerships with AGC Chapters in Idaho, Tennessee and Vermont

Denver, CO (PRWEB) Introduced in a February 2012

Builders Campus, a company that e-learning courses for construction industry, is pleased to announce the signing of three new partners Contractors-General in his chapter partnership to be able to: Idaho AGC, AGC of Tennessee, Middle TN Branch, AGC, and Vermont.

These three chapters take the AGC AGC Builders of Colorado Campus offers courses at a discount on their membership.

Builders work with

campus is a win-win for us, said AGC of Vermont Workforce Development Director, Beth Hulbert. Because Vermont is a small state, we are often challenged enough participants, the face of such specialized training. We are pleased to partner with the campus Builders saves money for our member companies and offers the nationally recognized training for the construction sector.

classes also are not at risk of cancellation, a situation that many of the chapter administrators are all too familiar. Visit the site for classes during registration AGC fewer places for a course to run. With construction sites today run leaner than ever, the class participation on the site offers many land and off.


In partnership with manufacturers campus, we always offer our members high quality of live training, but we do not have to worry about canceling a class, put Hulbert. Our members are enthusiastic, an alternative that provides valuable skills development, to attract people without the box.


campus courses are available on the Internet and any laptop, desktop, or most of mobile devices, including iPads delivered and Android tablets. The online courses are conducted by industry experts and designed to affect productivity at the site immediately.

free, one-hour introductory class called Project management: key concepts is offered each week for students who are more interested on how the programs work. The class runs on Wednesdays at 9:00 PST/12 Clock: 12.00 EST and registration are available at


Since our inception almost a year ago, our students have ranged from project managers and superintendents to shareholders, said Eric Sanderson, president of the Campus manufacturers. Our courses are designed to accommodate the new project at the beginning of the career or the sales manager looking for help finding new tenders. We know how much should be made sub-contractors, and help us answer.

The company supports its partners in promoting their current MCO members. Builders Campus has very easy for us by our chapter website to promote classes said Steve Christian, director of safety, environmental protection and education for Idaho ACG. You know how we are busy and make it as transparent as possible.

Builders Campus is a partnership in e-learning training opportunities for professionals concentrated in the construction sector. The company was founded by veterans of the construction industry and offers consultancy in an effort to improve the effective and efficient methods for conducting training and online training. Manufacturers campus courses are broadcast live by expert industry leaders on a variety of platforms E-learning in order to strengthen the construction professionals with knowledge and skills they need to meet the latest requirements renewal certifications and educational success in the market today. For more information or to register for classes, please visit

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Career Builders Club Com

career development

is our first priority. We offer products useful for the rapid improvement of career, both online and offline.Grab A copy Click here

The company was founded in 1998. We deliver vital business management principles, leadership and performance, issues and information that you personally can be used to careers, to promote and improve the professional future of energy production for developing. All scientific papers and discussions are based on the opinions of authoritative experts and the latest proven scientific research results, based on a global scale. Our strategy is designed to provide resources for career development for members.

Our mission is to strive for excellence and our members with the management system to provide high performance and other related resources for career development to advance their personal careers.

All materials and products are professional and helpful for members to improve performance excellence in the workplace, wage increases, benefits and employment promotion.

career development can be a program, product guide, of course, the information or service that can put a person on the path to career success can be achieved.

Career development can be done using education, courses, job training or other. These programs can help people achieve their goal, success, job satisfaction or higher profitability. That’s why we strive to provide the best resources for the development of careers.Grab A copy Click here

Many people are happy in their jobs and just want to improve their career but not know how. Here is the advice of a professional career counselor or mentor can provide the most benefit.

The main purpose of a resource for career development is to improve job performance. When it comes to outdo the rest, there is nothing better than to demonstrate the best qualifications, skills, experiences and successes. This is exactly what you just.

turn follow our easy to use and the corresponding resources for career development, or improve a business and provide employment promotion rapid.

starting a career with our performance and outperform all rivals in the top position you strive every time. can be

While the success of the hard line for a long time, our system can still pursue a career night online success.Grab A copy Click here

i-Sight to Host Free Webinar on Effective, Lawful Social Media Back Ground Screening

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) February 07, 2012

i-Sight Software announced today that it is offering a free webinar entitled Can I Use That? Social Media Background Screening on Thursday February 23rd at 2pm EST. Join Bill Glenn, VP Marketing & Alliances at TalentWise, and Geoff Andrews, COO at Social Intelligence Corp., as they share tips on what you need to consider when using social media to screen job candidates.

Social media is free, its ubiquitous, its easy to use, its not going away, and so companies should think about incorporating social media screening into their background screening policy. But they need to be very cautious about the way that they do it, says Glenn.

While social media screening can help you weed out bad choices, it can also reveal information that, if used as part of the hiring decision, might expose you to discrimination charges. By attending the webinar, youll learn:

Common pitfalls of internal, ad hoc searches
What is considered relevant and allowable online content for an employment background check
Legal implications of improper use of social media for employment background checks
How to effectively (and lawfully) implement social media into your screening program

Were excited to have Bill and Geoff leading this webinar, says Joe Gerard, VP of Sales and Marketing at i-Sight. They are both experienced in the area of compliant social media screening, and they have a lot of valuable information to share with our audience. Social media has grown so quickly that theres a lot of confusion about how it can be used properly to glean both positive and negative information about job candidates. Companies want to reduce risks by hiring the right people, but they also need to make sure that they reduce exposure to discrimination charges, he says.

To register for our webinar, click here.

About Bill Glenn and TalentWise

Bill Glenn has been Vice President of Marketing and Alliances at TalentWise since 2008. He has more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry, holding senior marketing management and business development positions.

TalentWise is the industry-leading Hiring Process Management (HPM) solutions provider, enabling HR, staffing, and recruiting professionals to hire more productively, responsibly, and compliantly. TalentWise is committed to delivering innovative technology and superior customer service and was named a Top Employment Screening Solution Provider by HRO Today magazine the last four years and included in Workforce Management magazines Hot List of Employment-Related Screening Providers the last five years. TalentWise serves over 3,000 customers throughout North America. For more information about TalentWise, visit

About Geoff Andrews and Social Intelligence

As co-founder and COO of Social Intelligence Corp., Geoff Andrews oversees client and partner management and business operations, as well as sales and marketing. Previously, Andrews was a director and an original member of Steel Card, playing a key role in the companys development and success, and a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Social Intelligence offers social media screening and investigative services including employment background checks, insurance claims investigations, corporate due diligence and government services, helping organizations leverage the benefits of social media research while reducing costs, time and legal risks. For more information about Social Intelligence, visit

About i-Sight

Based in Ottawa, Canada, i-Sight ( is a leading provider of web-based investigative case management software. The privately held firm works with investigative teams to improve corporate investigations of fraud, employee misconduct, ethics & compliance, security and legal incidents. For information and breaking news related to corporate investigations, visit the company blog at

For further information, please contact:

Joe Gerard, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing