My College and Careers Assists Both Education and Job Seekers to Qualify for the 243K Jobs Created in January

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Provo, UT (PRWEB) February 7, 2012

The U.S. Labour Department reported that February 3rd January, 243,000 jobs were created. In addition, there was a decrease of 0.2 percent in the unemployment rate since December. The economy is looking on the mend and businesses to hire qualified individuals. Can be found at my college and career, can be used as an online resource for those who qualify for employment, help individuals accredited online colleges, through which they acquire a degree and qualify for higher salaries rates and better benefits.

The private sector reported an increase in employment in all areas, in areas such as business services and business, leisure and hospitality, and manufacturing have. Government employment was little change in the past month. As data begins to show which sectors lead to successful careers, people who qualify for the job will be able to find a home are, where they acquire a university degree. Tools on Colleges and Careers My website is designed for people moving in the direction of online degrees that are of interest both for them and will eventually turn into a career development success. For example, if a person wanted a successful career in business services to find, they can support their training and a last look at an MBA program online. If you for a career where they can seek to interact with other nursing programs online could be a better fit.

Whatever type of industry or career, people are looking, offers colleges and tools My Careers Web site to help them achieve their goal. Some of these tools include a list of online schools and degrees of their offerings, graphics information, all relevant news, blog training, and CE r PI resistance:? The search link level that students with the best online school for their area. Those who make their careers better able to make informed decisions and prepare for a college degree by the use of Colleges and Careers My website to win. Earn a college degree in one of the best schools online is a great opportunity for everyone at all economic levels to improve their quality of life. Created with the economy on the mend and more jobs each month, a form will be crucial in finding a rewarding career.

About My college

My college career is

and to help students and prospective students to earn a college degree through online courses dedicated. Considering that most students have other responsibilities and obligations, my colleagues and career can be an excellent resource for those who are a means to adapt to school in an already busy schedule. With the help of online programs, students can complete their education at their own pace. Tools and services offered on the My Colleges and Careers website has helped many students to graduate and begin a successful career.

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North Valley Plastic Surgery Adapts Pro-Active Stance with Male Plastic Surgery

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Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) January 31, 2012

North Valley Plastic Surgery, a leading plastic surgery practices in Scottsdale – Phoenix North region, says she can see the increase in demand for male plastic surgery is that, in accordance with the results of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Plastic Surgery Report Statistics 2010.

rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty or (eyelid surgery), liposuction, and surgery followed the most popular men’s cosmetics, but male breast reductions (gynecomastia) and hair transplants are also common. In minimally invasive procedures, injections of Botox Cosmetic is high on the list, but laser hair removal and microdermabrasion also very popular.

North Valley Plastic Surgery, were offered to other categories of male plastic surgery such as liposuction for body builders, for calf implants, chin and belly and genital surgeries as penis enlargement . North Valley has historically also hair transplants neo-transplant and non-invasive facelifts Ulthera male patients were also offered.

With a full range of plastic surgery procedures for men, said Dr. Steven Gitt, that many men will come to a particular procedure, and again for other work, which was not originally planned with the improvements once they their treatment can be considered in context. In the current economic situation, men feel more pressure to look younger and healthier, to help his career. Hair transplantation, Botox injections can help them look and feel their best side liposuction.

professional bodybuilders started liposculpture procedures sometimes combined with implant surgery to ask for maximum muscle definition and tone. This group of people have certain goals in their careers, leaving the available associated with the perfect body. North Valley Plastic Surgery specializes in this unique segment of the market for male cosmetic surgery.

Another very important area in plastic surgery for men is based on detection of skin cancer and treatment. With the hot Arizona sun, see the Phoenix area for more than the national average of men at different stages of skin cancer. Plastic surgeons to surgically remove the cancerous lesions of the skin and provide treatment for scars that often accompany surgery.

More recently

North Valley Plastic Surgery has repeatedly called for genital surgery procedures for men and saw a growing number of customers in this area of ​​practice.

men who are interested in plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery procedure, you can learn more about the procedures they are interested in

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Kauzu Wins Gramercy Private Equity “Born Global” Award at First Ever Gigabit Challenge

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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 7, 2012

Kauzu won Equity $ 250,000 Gramercy Private Born Global Award at the finals of recent Gigabit Challenge in Kansas City, Missouri. The Gigabit-Challenge is a competition against the world business plan that will be created to disturbing ideas which had found the technology industry to put its head, according to organizers.


Gramercy Award “Born Global” is further validation that our idea on the right track and that our solutions meet the needs of job seekers and employers worldwide to cope, “said Kauzu founder and CEO Mitch Schneider. without work, it is difficult, both financially and emotionally to survive. We want to give more power and access to job seekers frontline through a solution more effective that the solutions currently available. We also value and opportunities to better the recruitment process for employers to create.

Kauzu is to develop a comprehensive work tool to assess the needs of all parties concerned. This is true empowerment, says Schneider. Kauzus solution also addresses the fact that the CV is dead.

The Gramercy Private Equity

Born Global Award went to Gigabit-Challenge finalists, the best business plan which shows the potential rapidly introduced worldwide. The prize was offered as a convertible note $ 250,000 order.

We are very pleased to support their mission as Kauzu its first outside investor, said Michael Gale, CEO and Managing Partner of Gramercy Private Equity. We were not only with its possibilities and its business strategy, but also with their ability to bootstrap a startup lean impressed. We estimated that the team has the best chance Kauzu execute their plan. We look forward to working with them to a successful global expansion.

While we are proud

are Kansas City, we recognize that great ideas can come from anywhere in the world, said Herb Sih, co-founder of Think Big, operator partners Gigabit Challenge. Our goal is most promising, commercially viable ideas, the benefits of fiber network were ultra high-speed optical to take Google to find. We want to congratulate you for having won the Kauzu “Born global”.

Challenge final on 18 Gigabit January 2012 was held in the Kansas City Public Library, looking for unique applications, from Google’s first-in-the-nation Gigabit fiber network would be activated concentrate . Individuals, teams or companies with an idea has been invited to participate for a chance on the Google Network fiber work and present their plan to a panel of distinguished judges. Enter

Gigabit challenge attracted 113 participants from seven countries and 22 states. Seventeen finalists presented their ideas to seventeen judges on the Gigabit Challenge finals.

About Gramercy Private Equity

Gramercy Private Equity (GPE) is a global investment and innovation that the wave of globalization of entrepreneurship in information technology and sustainable industries. GPE provides not only capital but also includes international business experience and deep resources of more than three decades of development. GPE is developing hands on its portfolio companies with their expansion strategies and execute. EPM focuses on investments in companies that have either proven their business model on its home market and are ready for international expansion, or are born global and can be taken quickly in different geographic areas based on the foundation. MCPs often invested in portfolio companies through special funds and private equity (SPPEFs) that allow angel investors to fund participation. GPE works worldwide, with particular emphasis on Asia and the emphasis on emerging Africa. To learn more about Gramercy Private Equity, please visit

About Think Big Partners

Think Big Partners is an early stage start-up mentoring and accelerator-based collaborative network in Kansas City, Missouri. Think Big Partners helped launch and grow successful companies with over 100 spaces Coworking design, corporate conferences, essential services, start-up funding and resources. To learn more about Think Big Partners, please visit



Kauzu (kawz-ooh) is an Internet startup was founded in September 2011 and will roll out its first product solution used in this spring. Kauzu is the Esperanto word for cause and reflects the focus on activities by enabling people to create social change in the process of finding and mediation. Comprehensive solution to Kauzus look at people, relationships and cultures, the reality is that the CV is dead meet. To learn more about Kauzu, please visit

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Messaging Architects Named One of Montreal’s Top Employers for 2012

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Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) February 1, 2012

Messaging Architects builder of the Global Business Driven Email, today announced his appointment to one of the best employers in Montreal in 2012 by the editors of top 100 employers Canada.

“We have just over a year, a phenomenal growth of Messaging Architects done,” said Frederic Bourget, CEO of Messaging Architects. “This award is particularly significant because it recognizes our commitment to hire the best people and give you the kind of work environment where they can be successful and create value. We are for further success in 2012 is well placed. ”

headquartered in Montreal and offices in the U.S. and Europe, was successfully Messaging Architects to meet the needs of risk management of the company e-mail for more than ten years. Its virtualized platform integrated email, netmail, helps organizations manage the full lifecycle of e-mails from the moment an e-mail about the end of its destruction of life with a sequence created by applications, e-mail security, archiving, compliance and e-mail migration.


to society includes subsidies for tuition and professional accreditation, health benefits and generous retirement programs corresponding to health, and transportation subsidies, a new program orientation bonus, flexible hours and a leadership that encourages employees to be bold manifesto and striking.

Now in its eighth year, Top Employers in Montreal, an annual competition by Mediacorp Canada Inc., publishers of Canada’s Top 100 Employers organized. This special designation recognizes employers in the Montreal area that their industries in offering exceptional places to work, based on criteria such as physical workplace lead, working climate, health, financial and family benefits, and employee communications, among others.

a special profile of the company owned by its employees, who may in the February edition of the first partner of the writing competition, The Gazette, the Careers section of the site can be accessed.

About Messaging Architects

100% owned by employees, Messaging Architects is a leading worldwide Business Driven Email. Our software and services provide 100% uptime and compliance for millions of users. Visit our website at http :/ /

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